Getting The Most Out Of Google+

As the world of search engine optimisation continues to move with the changing face of social media, many businesses have begun to wonder how they can manipulate Google+ so that it will benefit them. Unlike many other forms of social media, Google+ can be played with to adopt some of the many techniques that are used when first building a website. With the right approach, you can see your site boom in terms of popularity, which can lead to an increase in sales and exposure.

Using Google+ to Set up a Business Page

Anyone who has set up their own website will be able to manage the initial stages of their Google+ efforts. You will have the opportunity to use meta tags, a page title, meta description, and an introduction. Approach this in the same way you would with a website; focus on what is going to be aesthetically pleasing and capable of boosting your search engine ranking at the same time.

After including everything that you would like visitors to know about your site in terms of contact details and purpose, you should begin adding photos and videos. Again, Google+ will offer you the opportunity to optimise them in order to drive more users towards your page. While focusing solely on what your business about is a good idea, it is a great idea to look at what is relevant to your business and current. People are more likely to seek content that is contentious or popular in the here and now, and by using such content to drive visitors to your Google+ page you are more likely to gain exposure.

Finally, when it comes to your Google+ efforts, you need to carefully select some recommended links to include on your page. Rather than making your page all about your site, include links to useful resources from popular blogs and news sites. Although the Google algorithms have changed with the advent of penguin, content is king is a concept that still applies. The more useful the content on your Google+ page is, the easier it will be for you to drive visitors to it. As Google+ is a part of the Google brand, using it correctly gives you an automatic SEO advantage.

Using the Google+ Features to Enhance your SEO Campaign

One of the biggest features of Google+ is the ability to join and create circles. In simple terms, circles are collections of friends, colleagues, and organisations that fit into certain categories. By joining circles and engaging with those who are in them, you will be able to draw attention to the posts you promote on your Google+ page. Make those posts useful enough, and they will begin promoting them to their followers too.

Once you have established your circles, you should begin posting content. This process is not about spamming, and you should only share what is necessary. When sharing content on Google+, it is always a good idea to get involved rather than just promoting. For example, if a discussion is occurring in your circle about the Olympics, promote content that could pertain to that rather than something generic. By attracting attention to your Google+ links, others are more likely to +1 it themselves. In terms of SEO, each extra +1 pages from your site attracts will give your campaign a tremendous boost.

Finally, you need to make sure you add your Google+ button to your site. Just like the Facebook and Twitter promote buttons, it will act as the foundation of your social media campaign.

Choosing a SEO Brighton social media campaign is easy. With the right approach and carefully managed tactics, your Google+ campaign will sky rocket.


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