Award Winning Social Media Marketing Forecasts For 2014

For the world in general and Singapore in particular, 2014 promises to be a very exciting and fruitful year in the social media marketing frontier. Just as one keynote speaker noted in a recent social media marketing conference held in New York US, No Chief Executive Officer or Marketing Manager worth his name will fail to, at the very least, think of how to use the social media platform to interact with both current and prospective clients. In fact most companies will strive to have most of their customer engagements to be through the social media platform.


Here are some of the key trends or forecasts that are bound to guide the social media marketing trajectory in the year 2014. They include in no particular order;


There is bound to be a huge flow of content generated by users.

This is an interesting phenomenon that has developed over time. Customers are increasingly putting in a good word for a particular product or service that they find interesting. The opposite is also true as they also get quite savage when dealing with a product or service that they don’t like. In 2014, as suggested by a leading Singapore social media company; the numbers and sheer volume of such data is bound to increase drastically. Because most companies that employ this methodology usually moderate the platform used by such techniques, it makes it quite easy for them to interact and get the customers pulse when it comes to needs, wants and experience. Calculating returns on investments is made quite easy too.


Out Goes Conventional Video, In Comes Micro-Videos

The importance of Video as strong form of visual content will continue to grow. What will change is the quantity in which it is provided. Long gone are the days when long videos, explaining details and full of pictorial evidence were in vogue. Currently people prefer short and precise videos, commonly called Micro videos. They normally last anything between 3 to 20 seconds, in fact some social media platforms such as Vine which only accepts 6 seconds videos and instagram which gives an allowance of 3 to 15 seconds are already leading the way in this regard.


Google+ will mature and take its rightful place in the market.

Most if not all social media marketers will agree that Google+ is a sleeping giant, just waiting to wake up and crush anything in its way. For some, the Google+ slumber period has been quite long and unnecessary. But this year, things are looking up for this platform. In terms of monthly users and visitors, Google+ has seen its numbers grow substantially in the past year; it now commands a strong second position behind Facebook. With the numbers of Facebook business page users stagnating in growth areas such as the US and those of Google+ going up, 2014 holds a lot of promise.

Many brand or marketing managers are also starting to lean towards the use of Google+ for their campaigns for two main reasons; first, it is powered by one of the most powerful and widely used search engine in the world, secondly clients are gravitating towards platforms with more visual forms and Google+ is way above its competitors in this regard. Will this be the year when the phoenix rises from the ashes? Let’s wait and see.


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