5 Things to Look for in a Social Media Agency

You want to hire a social media agency to help you with your revenue generation. However, what exactly do you look for in a social media agency? How do you know that you found the right agency for your needs?

It is a question that is asked all too often. Finding the right social media agency is also one of the most important decisions in your attempts to leverage your social media channels for business.

That is why you need to understand the differences between social media agencies, so you can find the right one for your needs.

5 Things to Look for in a Social Media Agency

5 Indications of a Great Social Media Agency

1. Experience– Let’s start with an obvious first answer. You do not want to be a guinea pig for a new social media agency.

You want someone who has experience to grow your business. A few years ago when social media launched it was next to impossible to find a qualified, experienced professional working on social media.

However, as social media became a dominant part of people’s lives, the industry grew by leaps and bounds. Now, you have an experienced group of social media agencies that have been participating in social media for at least 3-5 years now.

2. Do they fit your style– It is not enough that they are experienced. You must feel comfortable working with your social media agency.

Otherwise, you may never be able to find the right rapport needed to create a successful partnership with them. Trust is vital here, and not being on the same page with your agency can cause some major trust issues.

Better to get a feel for them now, instead of later.

3. What is their exact plan of action– You are spending your hard earned money on their expertise and ability to execute. Therefore, you need to know what the exact game plan is.

An agency tells you they will go on social media and find clients. When you push them for specifics they give you a vague answer about how they cannot reveal trade secrets.

Sounds funny when you hear it in an article, but it can be a serious problem for businesses that work with an agency not willing to reveal how they are going to help you.

If their answer is vague, then their plan of action probably is as well!

4. How can they integrate social media with the rest of your marketing plan? Social media is one part of a larger marketing plan for your business. Instead of siloing it off from the rest of your marketing efforts, you should use it to leverage your entire marketing strategy.

For example, if you are hosting an event or webinar, then send out an email and push it out to your social networks to publicize the event. Don’t keep quiet on social media when you are discussing the events elsewhere.

5. How can you get a good return on your investment? While no social media agency can guarantee you a return on your investment, they should be able to give you an approximation of when you can convert on your investment.

Most businesses will not see any results within the first 6-12 months working with a social media agency. Like every other worthwhile endeavor it takes time to work. However, if your agency does not have a time and place when you can be profitable with your social media efforts, you have a big red flag.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right social media agency for your business can be challenging. However, a good social agency can answer the questions above, so you can feel confident about your social media strategy.

If you want to speak to a social media agency that can confidently answer these questions, feel free to give us a Shout!


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