10 Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Social Media Pages

Digital business, paired up with digital marketing has provided small entrepreneurs with the possibility to promote their brands, services or products quickly and easily. There are many options available out there, but over the years social media marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective options. As much as 92% of digital marketers agree that using social networks for promoting and marketing, will get you more exposure, and will eventually deliver profitable results.

Boost Your Social Media Pages

Therefore, here are the ten tips that will help you boost your social media pages, and consequently, your social media campaign.

  • Identify Goals and Objectives

Every journey begins with a first step. Yours should be identifying goals and objectives to increase your social media presence. Keep clear goals in mind, and make sure you are certain of what you are going after – before you even start. Analyze everything: get to know the platform inside and out, as well as at audience you can reach over it, and most importantly, compare it to your objectives. If everything is clear and aligned, you will be off to a great start.

  • Time your posts perfectly

Posting often is much better than posting nothing, but there are times you should, and times you shouldn’t post on social media. However, depending on your business, niche and targeted audience, you may be in for some research for this rule may not apply to you. If you manage to identify the time your targeted audience is most active on social media, your campaign will get an engagement turbo boost.

  • Integrated Social Media Strategy is a Must

During your social media campaign, you will be using a broad range of different networks. Keep in mind that each one of them has its audience, so not targeting them properly will leave you with no friction. Since being organized is imperative at this moment, the first thing you need to do is to start a calendar: include all upcoming events, blog posts and every single thing that is connected to your business. This move will help you stay organized and allow you to keep track of each of your social media accounts. You can even start managing digital projects with this goal in mind, and there are excellent tools for the job as well: even though Basecamp is one of the most famous ones, now there is an even better Basecamp alternative available on the market.

  • Include the Icons on Your Website

Social Icons for websites and blogs

A website without icons that connects it to social media? Highly unlikely… However, if you’ve (by some wild chance) forgot to include them in the website design, do it straight away! Visitors sometimes land on your website first and then want to become a part of your online social community. However, if they are unable to do it in one or two clicks, they will just give up and leave. Simply put, social icons will make it easier for those are coming to your website, to like and follow you. Don’t make them track you down – make connecting with you as simple as possible.

  • Produce Valuable Content

If your social media pages and groups are dull, uninformative and provide no additional value to the visitors, people are less likely to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you. What’s more, they will be inclined to stop paying attention to you all together. Having the high-quality content increases the reputation of your company or a website, and as a result will boost your business growth and bring more income. Therefore, make sure you produce the most valuable content possible – your blog, as well as your social networking accounts need them.

  • Get Visual with Infographics

visual infographics

Since they were published, infographics became the important part of content marketing strategy. The same goes for social media. Over time, people have come to love and rely on infographics for clear and concise information explanation. If you opt for using them (and you certainly should), make sure that your company’s name and URL are included. Ask for a backlink when your infographics get shared and make sure that they include some explanatory text when you publish them on your site.

  • Include Games, Contests, and Giveaways

People like to win, and people like it when they are right! – those are two simple reasons why you should engage them in pleasurable activities like games, contests, and giveaways if possible. The experience of many has proven that this approach will boost engagement all across social media platforms. For example, you could reach out to your followers to like your page or share their favorite story about your brand for a chance to win a free product or service. It doesn’t matter what the prize for the first place is – the key here is to give away something for free.

  • You are a human, let your audience know that

Let everybody see that you are a flesh and blood person, with thoughts and feelings. Each of your posts, tweets or statuses should include ‘personal touch’. Show your audience who you are really and establish a personal connection with them. That relationship will motivate people, and they will be more willing to take an hour out of their lives and dedicate it to reading other articles you posted on your website.

  • Engage with Everyone

People will leave their comments and their insights on your social media accounts. It is of utmost importance that you don’t ignore them. What’s more, interact with your users often and diligently. So, when someone posts something, you should try and talk back to them, let them know you are reading their input and paying close attention to their needs. After they start sensing that they are becoming a ‘part of the family,’ give them additional encouragement and incentive to keep them posting on your pages. This is how you get loyal followers.

  • Use Influencers

Influencers are a frequent topic of social media conversation. Just by analyzing the term, we can conclude that these people have a good standing within a community, and they will undoubtedly help you get your message across. What’s more, it turns that whopping 93% of marketing professionals claim that they managed to improve the visibility of their brand through influencer engagement strategies. This approach requires minimum input from ‘the influencer,’ so don’t be afraid to ask. One post – or even a comment on a post – on social media network, will help you get credibility and authority amongst the targeted audience.

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