Tips for Making Google Search More Effective and More Efficient

Tips for Making Google Search More Effective and More EfficientNowadays, there is a need to search for important information daily by reading various books, magazines or newspapers. The same thing can be done using Google search and this is why Google has become the central and an indispensable part of our life. Now, for more effective and efficient search on Google we also need to know some basic tricks and techniques, so that the required information could be easily searched.

School, work, research, looking for movies, news, celebrities, gossip and social networking are some of the important and daily search terms and the information related to these topics could be got from Google search. Mentioned below are some of the important tricks that you can use for making it more advanced and effective in order to meet all your search requirements.

On Google search bar, instead of typing the simple phrase related to your search, if you type in the ways stated below, you would be getting more appropriate results according to your needs. First of all, the need is to understand the facts how to search effectively. Follow these instructions for making effective Google search.

  1. Either / or search: there is an operator named ‘or’ and the symbol is ‘|’ by using which your search result would be related to the keywords of either of the side of the ‘or’ operator.
  2. Quoted search: quoted search means you just put the double quotation mark on both side of the search keyword on Google. In this way you would be getting the exact matching phrase results on Google search.
  3. Negation (Not) searches: by using the not operator having symbol ‘-’ you would be getting the results that would not contain the information related to the word in front of which the operator is used.
  4. Similar term search: by using the tilt (~) operator you can search for the similar search on Google. For example if you search like ~dumb little man –dumb then the results would be for dumb little man, funny little man etc.
  5. Wildcard / specific domain search: by using the asterisk (*) operator in between your search you can get the desired results for the forgotten keywords. You can also search for specific domain by using the asterisk operator. Use research *. (Domain name) for specific domain search results.
  6. Advanced search: by going on Google’s advanced search page you can type the specified search information like words, phrase to be included or not and region and languages etc. for advance Google search.
  7. Definition, specific site, movie or music search: type define: before your search for definition of the keyword. Type site: before your search for specific site search. Type music: and movie: for getting the results with the specified music or movie of your choice.
  8. Use of Google calculator: if you simply want to have addition, subtraction, multiplication or division then use brackets to provide the safe equation on Google search bar and press enter to get the result.

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