Taking Your SEO Off Page

Most entrepreneurs who use some form of digital marketing have at least an understanding of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, but far fewer have a working understanding of how it works and what they can do to increase their visibility on search engines. Nobody wants their business’ online presence to disappear into obscurity but few business owners are inclined to throw money at the problem either. While SEO tends to offer a decent return on investment, measuring that return can be tricky due to the nebulous nature of search engines and how SEO is (and always should be a long term endeavor).

Taking Your SEO Off Page

Let’s face it, you can use the best SEO company in the US, but without an understanding of how search engine algorithms prioritize data, you’re not going to be able to accurately quantify the gains from your investment in SEO. This easy to use guide will give you a fair idea of how search engines operate but translating this knowledge into a working strategy that delivers consistently is the Holy Grail that all businesses are currently chasing after. While you can boost your on-page SEO by boxing clever with keywords and using plugins that will help you to incorporate SEO friendly tactics in your writing, many businesses neglect off page SEO.

What is Off Page SEO?

Glad you asked. Did you ever have that one creepy house on your street when you were a kid that looked dishevelled, run down and haunted? Remember how the kids in the neighborhood would whisper among themselves about the imagined atrocities that went on there? That house is your business! Unless you tend to how it appears to outsiders, it’s going to end up with an unsavory reputation. The things that you do to improve your business’ reputation are what constitutes off page SEO.

What influences Off Page SEO?

Let’s say you own an appliance repair service. When their washing machine leaks, people will have need of your services. They’ll likely do a web search along the lines of “washing machine repair”+ “location”. While your SEO company can influence how high your business appears on that list, your off page SEO will influence whether they choose you or your competitors. What will their decision be based on? Search engine rankings? Maybe. But more likely they’ll be influenced by customer reviews, testimonials and what people are saying about you on social media. This is the nature of off page SEO.

How you can influence Off Page SEO

If you’re customer focused, passionate about being the best and manage your reputation by being impeccable in your operations then the good news is you’re already halfway there. You can, however, help yourself by…

  •  Generating links – Engage with customers, other businesses and influencers through social media by linking directly to your content.
  • Get to know your audience – However you may feel about social media, your business can’t afford to bury its head in the sand. By reaching out and engaging with customers and leads you are positively influencing the perception of your brand.
  • Incentivize reviews – Positive reviews will give your off page SEO a massive boost, so be sure to give your customers a little incentive to ensure they leave one.

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