On Google First Page Now What ?

If your goal is to read not to publish a variety of nonsensical content, then you’re in the wrong place. On the other hand, if your pages to get involved and help the reader to an action on what they want when they want to take your website found, read on.
With time and practice SEO, visitors will likely be displayed in your site by searching with keywords that relate somehow to the side. That means only makes sense that you optimize your page outside the content so that the promises that the problems that led the researchers to alleviate your door.


All you have to do is to examine the impact of your keywords before use. This is very important because the keywords you choose is actually his first promise of potential visitors. If I had to categorize something like: “Why is the sky blue”, I would make sure that my page click a series of immediate things on my link.


Corresponding metadata

A good way to digest the information, it is like a miniature of the current page as a kind of map to see. It contains a title, description and tags. Labels are not important, look for others, then this article will focus only on the title and description.


Meta Title

The first thing to do, you get the title. Meta title of the text you see in the top of the page, eyelashes, and with little-known logos and favicons.


They are also linkable text you see on the results page of search engine (SERP). This means that the first thing the visitor sees a potential for organic search traffic.


You can use something like: “Have you ever wondered why the sky blue?” Have you noticed that the keyword in the title of this page is for search engines and visitors important?. And visitors to use research to determine what is going on your side. You can take a higher rank and more clicks, because it related directly to the selected keywords.


Meta Description

Another has to do is to explain to readers that the page is your problem to be solved explicitly, which is in the description.

This is the text displayed in the search results. For those of you who do not know is the fragment or a direct short paragraph under each link after searching for something on Google (or another engine).


If not manually create a meta description of your page is set, Google is only one part of the text of the first paragraph of the article and accompaniment. It is not recommended, because it qualifies technically duplicate content.


It is not because her description is the second promise that you make to your potential visitors, and there is no need to read the first two sentences twice. Instead, use something like the following:


“This article is a response to people like you and he wants to know why the sky is blue. After much research and contemplation, you can now find the answer in this article by visiting my page.”


A description of how this says. “Hey you … yes, with the green jersey you are wondering why the sky is blue, does not it Awesome You’re not alone And I spent a lot of time to get the answer?. to find it for you. come in and immediately solve your problem here in my place. ”


Now you have to show the stage with some confidence that promise in their ability, can send a clear solution. You can make a difference if your content is in the fifth to eighth session on the first page of Google search that will float in which many of his articles.


The area is not limited to

There is a clear difference between the ranking of a keyword, and close the business on one.


Make sure they do not do anything until you have made the reader something of value is available first. Whatever the answer to every problem that confronts the reader what to search for key words in the first place.

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