Marketing with Infographics – When Pictures Speak a Thousand or More Words

MarketingGoing Visual with Your Brand Marketing Efforts through Infographics

When it comes to marketing your brand online, it pays to get creative in order to grab the attention of your target market. More than just focusing your online marketing efforts in making great content, equally vital is for you to educate consumers about your product or services without making them feel that you are hard selling. It would also be wise to influence your audience visually, as this would allow them to take in much information that can help influence their behavior, temper their reactions, and let them establish an informed decision. And this is when infographics come into play.

Infographics in Brief

Basically, information graphics or infographics are visual representations of data, knowledge and information. Rather than writing a post about a particular topic that covers too much information and outline figures that can easily make readers lose their attention, an infographic presents complex details in a concise and clear manner by using a combination of images and texts.

Infographics are visually engaging medium that when done right can easily relay the message that you wish to disseminate with a high potential to go viral. Because they take deep and complex data and present them in a manner that majority of the audience can understood, they can be effectively used to gain solid results.

Pleasing Details About Infographics

Numerous online marketers are now realizing the value of including infographics in their marketing efforts. And if you are still not sure what infographics can do for your business, here are some reasons why you would want to include it in your online marketing plan as well.

  • Infographics are highly transportable. That is, you can easily download and upload them as oppose to writing new posts. Likewise, they are easily embeddable creating an automatic link from another user’s site to yours.
  • It attracts more attention. With a combination of fantastic imagery and limited amount of text, infographics cut right to the chase and are more interesting to read with a potential to go viral.
  • Infographics show your expertise in a specific industry or subject that relates to your product or service.
  • Infographics raise awareness about your brand since you can embed your logo in your work.
  • The viral nature of infographics encourage other users to link to you site, which in turn sends signals to search engines to index your website, thereby increasing your SERP rankings.

Using Infographics to Build Buzz on Your Brand

Tell a Story – As mentioned earlier, infographics is all about simplifying information that your target market may find difficult to decipher, especially in written form. Hence, make sure that you create a compelling story that relates to your brand – something that people will not be able to resist.

Do not forget to include content – Remember that search engines cannot read the words on an infographic, but they can read the words accompanying your work. That said, try creating a compelling and optimized content that will get your site found.

Share it in social networking platforms – Beyond posting the infographics on your website, you should also take the time to share it on various social networking platforms. Remember that social media now favors visual content over simple links and status updates, therefore use infographics as a part of your social network marketing strategy. Likewise, social sharing buttons should also be present on the page that host the infographic you made so that visitors would be able to easily share it.

Make it a link bait – If you are sharing your own infographic, you can easily turn it into a link bait by including a permission stating that other people can use your work provided that they include a link back to your website or your original post. To ensure that you will be credited for your work, you can include an information about your company at the bottom of the inforgaphic such as your website URL or your brand logo.

Use infographic for client communication – In order to keep your clients engaged, you can include an infographic in your client communications. For instance, you can deconstruct your infographic into a Power Point Presentation or PDF document and use it as engaging report that can be easily understood by your customers. Such ease of comprehension is a great way to show your customers that you would want to make things easier for them and can lead to more referrals. Once you are done with the presentation, you can also share it on various document hosting services such as SlideShare, Docstoc and Scribd just to name a few.


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