How to Write Professional Blog Comment that Makes Your Blog Noticed

Writing spammy comment will only hurt your reputation. Most people want to get backlinks to their blog by writing spammy comments using automated software. This will do you more harm than good. Professional blog comment that you write manually will give you far better result for your blog.


==> Spammy comment helps to build backlink, but it’s risky
Yes, building backlink is as simple as flooding other blogs with spammy comments. But, will it really give you more backlinks to your blog? Most of the blogs that you’ve visited today have plugin that automatically detects spam comment. Thus, your spammy comment has 99% of getting deleted automatically. If the blogger decide to leave your spammy comment in his blog, he might soon or later decide to eliminate your comment. Moreover, search engines will detect your attempt to spam the search engine by submitting spammy comment and they will drop your site ranking quickly.


==> The true backlink building is professional blog comment
If you want to use your comment as backlink to your blog, write only professional blog comment. In this way, you are helping your blog to get noticed by many people. First, the blogger will gladly accept your comment. Second, the blogger may decide to take a look at your blog. If you have an interesting blog, he may want to give you some backlinks later. Third, the blogger will gladly accept your request for guest blogging if you’re actively participating in the blog’s discussion. Fourth, the readers will perceive you as an expert and most of them will take a look at your blog.


==> Writing professional blog comment makes you on the spotlight
It can be said that from single professional comment that you write, you are giving your blog a good spotlight. People will read your comment, write a reply, and your comment will attract good discussion in the blog. If you can keep contributing good idea in your comment, you will eventually get recognized and people will begin to take interest on your blog.


==> If you write professional blog comment
Both the blogger and reader will start to build interest on your blog.  The true traffic will be generated through professional comment that you write. It is better than placing spammy comments in other blogs. Writing quality comment will put your blog on spotlight, and by this, you will get good amount of quality traffic from the blog readers. If you’re leaving first comment on popular blog, you’ll see significant traffic increase quickly.


==> Tips to write professional blog comment
To write a professional blog comment that makes your blog noticed, you should follow these tips:

– You should write comment on popular blog so that you can piggyback the traffic to your blog.

– Remember that your main goal is not to get backlink. Your goal is to become a spotlight so that the portion of the blog traffic can come to your blog.

– Be the first commenter.

– Read the post carefully and understand what the blogger is trying to say. Then, what you need to do is to write your own insight about the topic. Make sure that it adds value to the blog post.


By writing a professional blog comment, you’re indirectly raising your blog reputation and attract people’s interest to “take a peek” at your blog. In this way, you’re increasing your blog traffic in a good and non-spammy way.


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