Google Search Vs Facebook Graph Search

New graph search of facebook is doing same business as Google search is doing. It is an important feature of google that works on the base of data which is shared by the friend of user. Although facebook is a large database but not as google database is. There are many things by which google search is better than the facebook graph search and here are few recommendations through with facebook can improve its graph search.


Google Search Vs Facebook Graph


Why google is better than Facebook graph:

Google works on the keywords and provides search according to all that words and its database is much greater than the facebook that it provides more search options and suggestions rather than the search options by the facebook graph. Reason behind these more suggestions is options of facebook for search as it only search options in the field images, people or places. When users write something it asks that rather user want the search options for the people, place or images.


Suggestions are only achieved by the likes:

Facebook suggestions are only provided and displayed on the basis of friends hitting. If a friend likes anything, that is listed in suggestions. It can be improved by analyzing the text and material like images and other things and should be suggested accordingly as well. By this way, user can found the best matching rather the matching of friends. Data of individual profile can be used as a material to access the taste and requirements of user. The reason behind this suggestion is choice of selection that cannot be only dependent on the hitting of friends.


Facebook should widen the range of data:

Google can help too in finding a person or other things, which are not restricted by the owner and same should do the facebook. It should make the boundaries of more wide and should show the data with more options as found on the google. By this way, facebook can provide a platform of search same to other and user can feel more convenient in such related issues.


Facebook is better to know friends comments on a thing:

When user uses search option and finds anything on facebook, he can find the comments of friends for it as well. But on the other hand, google does not provide friends comments. By comments of friend, any user can easily access the quality of that product. Suggestions and recommendation of friend can be accessed by their likes and dislikes and this can help the user to find the perfect thing or products.


Improvement of database recourse:

Facebook should improve its resources rather than only depending upon the data of users and information about things should be given in the form of text, as most of the data has only images. Recommendation strategy should also be improved according to desires of person and such things should be recommended which are totally against the nature of user. This thing can be gained by accessing the information of user and the things which are disliked should also be removed from the list of suggestions.


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