Best Five Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

The mantra for a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign has always been on good backlinks. It helps you to keep an eye on relevant competitors and to achieve top ranking in search engines. After getting the best backlinks to your website, it is imperative to take your campaign a notch higher by tracking them. Tracking backlinks help you to understand more about the nature of your links.

A point to note is that there are links that can boost your ranking and there are those that can negatively impact your business. In this regard, it is wise to keep tracking backlinks to know how visitors find your webpage. It also helps you to make sound decisions on the right strategies to employ for a successful SEO campaign.

Why carry out a backlink check

A backlink check is imperative as it helps you to know sites that are linking to your webpage.

  • It allows you to learn about your competitors.
  • Backlink analysis also allows for a comparison between your website and that of your competitors (you will be able to establish a name and tell Google that you are a solid competitor with a site that is highly functional).
  • With a clear analysis of backlinks, you can return favors to visitors and businesses in your niche, especially those that promote your brand.
  • An analysis of your link also helps you to learn of the most popular pages of your site. Understanding the major drivers of your traffic can shape your marketing campaign for success.
  • In addition, backlink checker is crucial in detecting spammy links. Perhaps, your site has been enjoying mammoth traffic then it drastically drops; what could be the cause? In most cases, such a scenario occurs as a result of spammy links. Note that Google penalizes sites with spammed links or those that violate webmaster guidelines on backlink usage.

However, without an effective backlink analysis, it is hard to determine which links are responsible for poor traffic and ranking in search engine. Today, there are many SEO analysis tools with the best trackers to help you keep your SERP ranking in place. With the best tracking results, you can also get the best returns on your investment.

Best Five Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

Best Five Backlink checker tools to consider

  • Moz: Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is an exceptional backlink checker tools from It is designed to help you spy on your competitor’s website while generating results from the anchor text used and domain authority. With the tool, you can carry out the comparison from other websites so that you can develop a highly effective backlinks marketing strategy.

To use Open Site Explorer, you simply input a URL and you will get results from page link metrics including total and new links on a website. The tool further displays URLs and pages that generate the best traffic to your site. It also displays a Spam Score that warns you of potential search engine ranking penalties.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a highly efficient tool for checking backlinks on any website. It works on different domains and is reputed for its analysis. There are three subscription plans available on this tool. To get the best of Ahrefs, you can always sign up for a free trial on its official website. You will be able to view negative and positive changes based on the number of backlinks on a website. In addition, the analytics tool allows you to look up on URLs of referring domains among other features.

  • Majestic Site Explorer

Majestic is also a commonly used backlink analytics tools that has proven to be quite reliable. It has amazing features that make it one of a kind. It includes unique metrics including Citation flow (results based on a URL or Domains number of citation) as well as Trust Flow (results based on clicks from a trusted Domain or Website).

  • SEMRush

Over the past years, SEMRush analytics tool has offered quality analysis of keywords for organic and ads. It offers data on graphs and it has been very reliable in backlink analysis. To use the service, you need to visit SEMRush official website, type your domain name and get started with backlink analysis.

If you are interested in comparing domain names, it is wise to use a tab that is designed for this purpose. It is available on the left corner of the page and it comes with an accurate/detailed list of referring IPS, referring domains and links from different websites.

In addition, you can conveniently export your results in form of PDF.

When using SEMRush, you can view anchor text accompanying your page links. This is imperative in determining whether external links are describing your page using the right keywords or not. You will also be in a position to tell whether you are getting traffic from trusted sources.

  • Google Analytics

Google analytics is also another excellent tool to help you check on your backlinks. It is more useful if you want a tool that is free, and you have established a syndication kind of partnership to share web content. It has an efficient Referral Traffic section for quality backlink analysis. Therefore, you will be able to clearly determine the number and names of URLs that generate traffic to your website.

The tool is also easy to use and it offers free alerts on a regular basis whenever your selected words are mentioned online. This can be your product, brand name or the name of your competitor. When using Google analytics, you will also be in a position to see how long different visitors stay on your page.


Whether you opt for a free backlink checker or a paid subscription, backlinks analytics is very crucial for your business. It is a process that can help you optimize your Search Engine campaign for top ranking in search engine. Know your standing today with and get started on a journey to improve your overall performance.

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