Anatomy of a link [Infographic]

Many website owners in the SEO industry tend to think in absolute terms. They are either Black-hat or White-hat, this may works or it doesn’t, this link is amazing or it is worthless, I think you got the point.


Experts agree that 70% of a site’s ability to get good ranking in Search Engines comes from the other sites that link to it. Getting your share of the 9.2 trillion links on the web isn’t hard but you know not all links are created equal.


Anatomy of a link [Infographic]



The Anatomy Of a link:


  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Co-Citation
  • Anchor text
  • Trust


Domain Authority:

One link from the high authority site like New York times may be worth 200 links from random directory sites. Seek links on sites with an SEOMoz domain authority of 30 or higher.

Note: Don’t obsess on authority because in the time it takes to get a NYT link you could get 500 links from other web sites.

Page Authority:

Each page on a site has its own authority. A link from the Home page of another site is usually better than a forum thread deep in the site.

Usually this is determined by how many other pages link to the page. Yes, it is a web of interlinking pages.


Page authority’s corollary is co-citation. The search engines look at the page and ask question like:

Which keyword are used on the page?

Are there too many links to other pages on this page? Not a good thing.
What content is around the links to other pages?

Note: It is generally best to have the page linking to you be related to your topic and have your link in a paragraph of text about your topic.

Anchor Text:

This is the actual word that is linked to your site. Ideally you want your target keyword to be in the link. “Click Here” or linkns with your form name as anchor text are not good.


A lot of webmasters struggle to understand the difference between authority and trust. SEOmoz has their own metrics called authority, mozRank and mozTrust. I would recommend reading up on them to get a better idea for the difference.

Over to you:

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