5 Tips to Increase Your Sites Conversion Rates

The bottom line of any business website of the conversion rate. It is nice to have great visibility on search engines and it is nice to have ads that correspond to high click through rates. However, if your business is not getting the conversions, then you are not seeing the money.

Here are five tips to increase the conversion rate of customers on your site.


One – Make sure that your call to action is out front and specific

Many businesses lose out on customers because it is not made apparent what the business once the customer to do when it comes time to take the next step. This happens often with contact information that is placed at the bottom of a long scrolling page in small font. This may have been a hallmark of websites a generation ago, but it is definitely not conducive to web business today. People want to know exactly what to do when they are interested in a business.

Two – Revamp your remarketing efforts

Remarketing is a relatively new discipline that tracks customers that have been on your website but not converted. There are many programs that can track these customers through the web and place your ad directly in front of them as they browse the Internet.

Do not be afraid to place you’re at the bottom of a YouTube video that your potential customer is watching. This is almost an expected action in today’s increasingly ad oriented Internet. The worst that can happen is that your customer does not click on the ad, but remarketing has had great success for the businesses that have implemented it.

Three – Shorten the period between the first click through and the final call to action

Many businesses have found great success by literally counting the number of clicks that their potential customers have to go through in order to finally convert. After they have compiled this information, they do everything they can to cut down on the number of clicks that a customer must initiate.

The attention spans of customers online tend to become shorter and shorter with each business cycle. Combine this with the constant influx of new businesses online, and you have a recipe for disaster if you keep your customer waiting. Get to the point of your interaction and cut down on the number of clicks that get your customer to that file conversion.

Four – Give your customer a reason to convert

Some customers may need another reason to take that final step. If they do, you should have a special offer or a coupon at the ready. You can target these customers through a mobile-based remarketing campaign initiated through a QR code.

Five – Talk to your customers about why they are not converting

One of the easiest things that you can do is to place a comment box on your website to catch any and all reviews the customers are willing to give. You should also scour the Internet for unsolicited reviews of your business. Within these reviews will be the best answer as to why your potential customers do not convert.

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