Top 5 Ways to Monetize your Website

You have gone to the trouble of setting up a website for a reason. Usually that reason will revolve around what motivates most people, most of the time – money. So herein lies the question as to how to best monetize your website so as to generate a return for your efforts.

Monetize Your Website
Monetize your website

Following five ways to monetize your website:


  • Write an eBook

Do you have something unique to offer? If you do then write an eBook and either offer it for sale or give it away on your website. Do I hear you ask how you are going to monetize your website by giving things away for free? Having a website, if you want it to be successful, requires you to build up a community of followers as this is what you have to offer others – your community. By offering something for nothing you will receive details that can be used to build your community base and generate money on an ongoing basis.


  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Although not a big money spinner in and of its own, PPC advertisements are well suited to sites which already have a large following as the price paid for every advertisement that is clicked is not high, consequently it is a model that relies on volume. Each advertisement has a Cost Per Click (CPC).


  • Paid Membership

If you are really good at what you do and have a strong and loyal following, you can request paid membership to access your content. Of course, not all content should require payment but you can request payment for premium content. After all, if you have a speciali talent which is in demand, why shouldn’t people who require it pay for it? The payment may be a one time or monthly fee.


  • Social Media

Social media is a dynamic platform with billions of adherents. There are forums that are optimally suited to every different type of content you have on offer. So how will social media help you monetize your website? You can use social media to drive traffic to your website by frequenting relevant sites as a contributor and using the following you build up on social media to drive people to your website. Remember, the more followers, the greater the potential for making money.


  • Merchandise Sales

If you have built up a core following of visitors who can’t get enough of you, sell them merchandise. T-shirts, dolls, whatever takes your fancy are great money spinners from your website.


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