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How To Make Money Online and OfflineHow To Use Offline Methods To Make Money Online
When a brand new tech blog launches and already has several hundred subscribers you can practically bet that the site is destined to be something of a success. However this leaves many of us feeling a little perplexed when you consider that the rest of us can work for months and still find that our subscribers are yet to climb up to two.

And for those bloggers that get this head start the rewards then actually increase exponentially with time so that the site gets bigger and bigger – because those initial visitors bring the site to life and help to spread the word.

The question that should now be on your mind is ‘how?’ – how did those bloggers generate such a big following in such a short space of time?

  • Don’t Forget the Real World

When you’re running a website it can get your mind trapped in a certain way of thinking – you think about your site as something online, and you thus only think about online methods of promotion and marketing. However just because your site is online that by no means means that all of your promotion needs to be online too and in fact if you know how to work it there are plenty of ways you can bring visitors and get subscribers from the ‘real world’ as well. Here we will look at how.

  • Mailing Lists and Feeds

First of all you need to create a way for visitors to ‘sign up’ so that they become members rather than just one off visitors. Anyone can get someone to visit their website, but it’s a different matter entirely to get them to keep coming back and to become a ‘part’ of your site and your business. With a mailing list or a RSS feed you can convince someone in person to sign up.

And then that’s what you do – you convince people in person to sign up. In fact if you have a smart phone these days you can even get people to add their e-mail addresses then and there and this way ensure that they become a part of your site and your service. This is then where you start to make the most of social pressure – by asking if someone wants to sign up to your newsletter straight to their face you are really giving them no choice to say no without offending you – and so they will say yes.

And if you don’t sign them up then and there you can still sell your website to them one-to-one in a way that you could never sell it online. And if you do this just a couple of times a day then you’ve managed to bring yourself over 700 subscribers a year. Over three years you’ve got 2,100 subscribers this way – and don’t forget that ‘exponential growth’ effect we talked about. It’s powerful stuff.

  • Meeting People

Of course to make the most of this though you really need to be approaching the right people – people who are interested in what you have to offer and people that might prove to be good contacts one day.

This means putting yourself out there and networking. In other words you need to go to trade shows, expos and networking events, and you need to have a business card that you can hand out. In short, as soon as you start taking your blog seriously in the real world instead of treating it like a dirty secret, you will find that other people start to take it seriously too and your buzz will grow.


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