Tips to Make Money Online with Squidoo

Make Money With SquidooSquidoo is regarded as one of the best community websites that allows users to create and share pages on topics that interests them. Website pages are referred to as lenses. Users are also referred to as lensmen who have the opportunity to create lenses on a plethora of subjects.

Additionally, Squidoo is also being regarded as a good source of income. This website is being counted as one of the best internet marketing tools in the age of internet marketing helping many individuals and business make money online with squidoo.

This is a simple and user-friendly website and getting started with Squidoo is more than just an easy task.

Make Money Online with Squidoo

To be able to make money online with Squidoo, you need to create an account with this community website. This will enable you to build a lens with Squidoo.

Next what you need to do is create a topic for your lens. The topic will determine what your lens is all about. If you are using Squidoo to divert traffic to your website to earn money, you must ensure that your lens topic is relevant to the respective website.

Your lens need have a title and a URL. You must include your keyword in both.

If you want more people to find your page easily, you must tag it.

Squidoo also allows you to include modules to your lens that you create. There is a module for almost anything and everything that you can possibly think of. There is a Squidoo module that helps you add content with ease and many more such modules are available.

You can save the lens you created, preview it, make the necessary changes and finally ensure that it goes live online.

Money making online with Squidoo

One of the ways to earn money through Squidoo is by diverting traffic to your website through your lens. You can do so by linking in your Facebook or Twitter profile to your lens. Including content that is original, relevant and informative can also help in diverting traffic to your website. You can have your website link incorporated to your lens. Readers who land on your lens from search engines like Google, Bing among others will be diverted to your official website. This is one of the best ways to earn money through Squidoo. Other ways that help you earn money have been discussed.

Sign up for an affiliate program

This is the age of internet marketing. Consumers prefer to shop online for products and services. One of the best ways to make money is to include an affiliate program on your Squidoo lens. When a potential consumer lands on your lens, click on the links and when he purchases products and services, you earn money. You can include modules like Amazon, eBay, Zazzle and Cafepress among other modules that offer an affiliate commission.

Use the appropriate keywords in the URL

Keywords are the words and phrases that internet users use to look for information on search engines. If you wish to divert traffic to your lens through search engines, you must use strong keywords in the URL. Remember that once you have created the URL you cannot change it so ensure that it contains the appropriate strong and powerful keywords. This will improve your ranking on search engine results thus diverting traffic to your lens.

There are other ways that you can make money online with Squidoo that you can explore. Good luck.


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