7 Simple Ways to Balance Freelance Writing Jobs and Personal Projects

Creating a balance between your work and other personal projects is key in making you an effective person. A lot comes into play in having a well-balanced life and that is why discipline is key in realizing this. Life can be humiliating especially if you don’t take the time to reflect on your tasks and personal expectations about it generally.  Planning is very important in everything and going by that plan will propel you to great heights without leaving anything behind including your personal projects. Doing your WriteMyPaper123 jobs is equally important as your personal jobs. So, what do you do to achieve this balance? Here are 7 simple ways to do it…

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  • 1. Work with a plan 

Without a plan, you may not know when to shift in between your freelance writing jobs and personal projects. Therefore, it is always advisable to plan for everything that you want to do in order to create time for each of the tasks that you want to do. A plan helps you to get organized and know what things to do and when. It takes discipline to follow this plan because there are very many distractions to it. However, it is possible to have a plan and be faithful to it.

  • 2. Manage your Time Well

Time is of the essence of everything we do. Proper time management is key in creating the balance you need between your freelance business and personal projects. If you balance your time well, you will not be tempted to spillover freelance writing tasks to the time allocated for your personal projects. Time wasted leads to a compromise on your plans and that is why you must not allow it to happen.

  • 3. Handle your Writing Jobs like a Business 

Treat your freelance writing jobs as business. That way, you will not feel incapacitated to do other things. Set aside some work area for your freelance writing jobs to change the environment from which you do personal projects. Let there be a clear distinction. Where possible, set a home office that will create the right atmosphere for you to tackle your work different from your personal projects.  Simply, you need to separate issues for you to be effective in each one of them and create balance.

  • 4. Take time to Rest 

Even when there is too much to handle, find some time to rest. Put it in your plan that you will have time to rest in between your tasks. Resting is a good habit of getting rejuvenated and gathering new strength for the next assignment. If you work on your personal projects when tired, you may not achieve great success as you did on your writing jobs since you did them while fresh. For balance, you need to rest when shifting between the two.

  • 5. Network with Others 

One of the best ways to accomplish your tasks and assignments is to network with like-minded people and tap into different resources. Your work can become a lot easier when you reach out to others doing similar tasks. Professional writers like you can be of help in showing you better ways to accomplish your assignments. The same case applies to your personal projects. Advice from friends who have tackled similar projects can go a long way into helping you balance your tasks and manage your affairs effectively.

  • 6. Delegate where Possible 

You don’t have to do everything all by yourself. You can manage teams that can help you accomplish your assignments in good quality and in a timely fashion. To be effective, you don’t have to do everything all by yourself. The most important thing is to accomplish your assignments as required. If engaging others is a cost-effective approach for your tasks, then it would be a good idea to consider it. There is a lot that others can help you accomplish and create time for other important things in your life. This is recommended for a balanced life.

  • 7. Learn to Say NO

Don’t pile a lot of pressure on yourself by having a long To-Do list. Even when the opportunities are enticing, you can only accommodate work to a certain level. Freelance writing opportunities that will occupy you 24/7 throughout the year are not worth the commitment. That means you won’t have time for your personal projects that are equally important.  To lead a balanced life on either side, learn to say no at times. It will help you create time for other things including family and personal projects.

Final Remarks 

Great things can be accomplished in simple ways. That is the epitome of success. You don’t have to think of wild ideas to help you balance between freelance writing jobs and personal projects. Your efficiency is hidden in these 7 simple ways. You can strike balance in your life by embracing them.

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