10 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Make That Stop Them From Making Money With Their Blogs

Make Money BloggingBlogging is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of making money online. But there are several common mistakes new bloggers make that stop them from making money online with their blogs. While those who are already used to the tricks of making money with their blogs are smiling to the banks with their daily earning, some others are busy complaining that there is no money in blogging.

Those who make nothing simply believe there have too much hypes about the possibility of making money with their blogs; they just cannot fathom how to make customers squeeze out dollars from their pockets just by visiting and reading their blog contents. To them, it is as difficult as trying to make a dog lay an egg (LOL).

There are rules to making money with blogging that new bloggers don’t seem to understand, and this is costing dollars on daily basis. Until you follow the sequential ways of building your blog from scratch to finish, with revenue in mind, and then adding content, to finally monetizing the blog, making money would be an illusion.

If you ask those who have made six figures with their blogs about their secrets, they will tell you that making money with blogging is never by accident. It is intelligently planned. I know you are beginning to get interested in this whole thing now. Aren’t you? If you are not, it is better to hit your back button and look for some other interesting topics to read. I know you would only do that if you already excess money in your account that you don’t any additional income. But if you are serious to make money with your blog this year and have been finding it difficult to do so, please read this to the end. It is going to help you, especially if you are newbie blogger.

10 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Make


So we shall be taking a look at some of those common mistakes new bloggers make that stop them from making money with their blogs. If you are a newbie and find yourself making these mistakes, please share your experience with us at the end of this post. If you are also a problogger who has passed through these mistakes too, you should tell us how you were able to overcome them to start earning real money with your blog. Some the mistakes include, but are not limited to the following:

Writing without keyword research:

A lot of new bloggers make the mistake of not researching their keyword before writing their blog post. They write whatever comes to their minds. They just believe that so long as the topic sounds appealing, a lot of people would read it. So, as far as they concerned, sweet titles equal good traffic.

Why do newbies write without keyword research?


No new blogger wants to fail online. The reason most people take to blogging is for them to make a career out of it and also succeed in their chosen niches. Success here simply means pulling great traffic and at the same time making some cool cash. Unfortunately, however, this sometimes doesn’t happen. Newbies fail to make keyword research for the following reasons:


They simply do not know what keyword research is. They don’t know whether keywords are directly involved in getting them organic traffic.

No experience:

This is slightly different from the first point mentioned above. Now the person is aware there should be keyword research before writing articles. But the problem is ‘What tool should I use for the research?’ He doesn’t know how to do the research and the tools to use. He is simply stuck. So he decides to use his instincts as a guide.

Time factor:

Everyone seems to be in a haste in this jet age. New bloggers are especially out to make it fast. So they don’t have the time to find out what basic things should be done first in order to have a solid foundation.


No SEO in Mind:

A lot of new bloggers jump into blogging without having Search Engines Optimization (SEO) in mind. They do not have an idea how SEO affects their blogging. They therefore don’t attention to the use of the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 tags while writing. Attention is not paid to site navigation, colours, post titles, etc.

No focus:

Take the time to check on most of the new blogs springing up here and there and you will find one in common to them all – No niche focus. Everybody is coming up with multi-niche blog just because they want to make money fast. Most of the owners of those sites had a single niche in mind while starting out; but the moment they wrote a few posts and money didn’t start rolling immediately, they decided to add another niche in order to widen the revenue earning chances. Did this ever happen to you?

Neglecting interactivity:

Some people want money but they fail to take care of that which would bring them money – customers. They write blog posts but fail to respond to comments from their blog readers. After being lonely and getting no attention from the blog owners, the readers take their leave for good and never return.


Inexperience has lead some of the new bloggers out there into believing that one of the best ways of making money with their blogs is to duplicate their content and paste it into several sites so that they can get back links and more traffic. This only puts them into trouble with Google duplicate policy. Some join forums and make worthless comments and append their site URL as their signature. What happens to them? They get banned from such forums as soon as they enter. Eventually, their efforts are in vain because some get banned by Google for spamming and their sites are closed down.


Posting without maintaining regularity has also been one of the common mistakes new bloggers make that stop them from making money with their blogs. New blogs are supposed to be updated regular. Posting should be done at least on specific days or time to make it easier to predict. Unfortunately, as soon as some of the blogs begin to gather traffic, they are abandoned. The owners erroneously believe they have arrived and that people would keep coming. But after a little while, the traffic gradually dries up because the visitors don’t find new things to read. They just fail to consolidate on their traffic surge.

Looking for freebies:

One other big mistake common to newbie bloggers is the scramble for freebies online. They hardly want to spend money to develop their blogs and get the best out of them; instead they chase after freebies. They end getting products that are hardly worth it. For a blog to succeed, you need to invest both time and money.

No mailing list:

Blogging without a mailing list is an indirect way of throwing away money. You have often heard it said that “The money is in the list”. You need to reach your readers sometimes with latest information, contest, products suggestion, etc. but whereby there is no existing list, it is difficult this through feedburner. You need an autoresponder account to build a mailing list for both now and the future.

Why new bloggers are not making money with their blogs


Making money is difficult for new bloggers for the two reasons I am going to list below:

Monetizing too early:

The quest to make some dollars fast has actually led some bloggers into monetizing their blogs when they were not yet ripe for that. They enrolled for Google Adsense account and even got into some other affiliate programmes. What happens? They litter their sites with ads so much so that visitors easily figure out they are out to make money. What do the visitors do? They tactically avoid clicking those ads. With time the blog owner concludes it is impossible to make money with blogs.

Monetizing too late:

When you monetize your blog too late, you lose substantial amount of money in the process. But at what stage should one monetize one’s blog? This should be when you are fully satisfied with the traffic of your site. At least when you hit 1000 visitors daily, you know your blog is popular and fully ripe for monetization.

Not monetizing at all:

I added this as a bonus point. This is the worst that could happen to any blogger. You keep adding content and your traffic has increased tremendously but you refuse to monetize for fear of losing your customers. If you don’t monetize at all, money would never come. At best your blog would be a charitable organization.



New bloggers are constantly making several common mistakes that stop them from making money with their blogs. Just avoid the above listed mistakes and you will see money rolling into your bank account.

It is now time for you to share your experiences with us. Did you ever make those mistakes before you became a great blogger earning a lot of money? If you are a newbie, are you currently making those mistakes listed above? Are there areas you do not agree with me on this post? Please be free to air your views; we want to hear from you.

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