How to Write Articles and Earn Cash while Doing It

Writing articles shouldn’t be an activity without reward. Actually, you can earn cash by writing articles. However, the amount of cash will depend on the purpose of your article writing. If you want to earn measly amount of cash, you can write articles for various websites that offer compensation for writers. However, if you want to earn serious cash, you can write articles to promote other people’s products. Here are the steps to earn serious cash by writing articles:


1. Go to Amazon and apply for Amazon affiliate program

The first step is to go to Amazon and apply for Amazon Associate Program. By applying to this program, you will have the ability to earn commission by promoting any Amazon product. Since Amazon is a widely-known online merchant, you don’t have to worry about their reputation and credibility.


2. Find a product that you want to promote

It is better for you to choose a product which has $100-$200 price tag in order to earn good amount of commission in each sale. Also, you should choose product that is bestseller on Amazon and has good amount of positive feedbacks. The product can be in any category according to your interest.


3. Write a review article for that product

You need to write a review article about the product that you decide to promote. If you’re not personally use the product, you can find some information from the feedbacks on the product page. Make sure to write a professional review about the product. Tell the benefits and drawbacks of the product in your review.


4. Create a free blog and publish your review

The simplest way to publish your review is to create a free blog on Blogger. If you have no cash at the time, you don’t need to set up a website for your review. You just need a Blogger blog. Go to and set up a new blog there. Choose a good name for your blog. Remember that your name should be related with the product that you review. After you’ve set up your free blog, you can publish your review to your blog.


5. Write articles and submit to Ezine Articles

Your work isn’t done here. You need to attract people to read your review article and finally make them to buy the product that you promote. To do this, you have to write regular articles related to the product that you review and submit those articles to article directory such as You have to write articles that are related with the review article that you’ve written. So, for example, if you are writing a review article about coffee maker product, you can write articles about ‘How to Make High Quality Coffee at Home’ ‘Benefits of Using Coffee Maker Product” and so on. The last thing is to place the link to your blog in your articles.


Those are simple steps you can do to earn serious cash by writing articles. If you follow the steps properly, you will be able to get at least $500 commission check per month from Amazon. The key is to keep writing and promoting.

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