How To Make Your Academic Essay Writing Higher Grade Worthy?

How to make your academic essay writing higher grade worthy?

Writing is a vivid way of expressing one’s ideas and so anyone can write as long as they are given the platform. However, when it comes to academic writing, you may want to write not for the sake of it but to impress the teacher. To write an exclusive essay, you need to be both creative and logical depending on the topic given. If you are given an opportunity to write on a topic of your choice, then the content entirely depends on you. You can seek help from experts in English homework on the topics you can explore. There are basic rules that apply in essay writing that every student should have an idea about. Now, for you to write an essay whose quality is above your grade level, the basics are just not enough. Below are tips on how to take your essay writing a notch higher:

  • Get a Topic

The choice of an essay topic depends on the type of essay you are planning to write. It is either expository or argumentative, analytical or persuasive. For each of the different types, a specific style of writing is required. Choose a topic that will allow you to express yourself in a manner that does not contradict the style of writing. The body of your piece revolves around the topic hence the need to choose a topic that will moderate your writing. The scope of the title should neither be too wide nor should it be too narrow. It should give you enough space to express your ideas without deviating.

In choosing an essay topic to write about, consider subjects of interest to you as an individual. If your teacher gives you options to choose from, then you can settle on one that you can easily relate to. Another way to choose a good topic is by considering the current affairs which will get the examiner interested. Get a topic that will give you a free flow of ideas.

  • Choose and Stick to Your Style

If you decide to follow a particular style of essay writing, then stick to it and develop your ideas adherently. For instance, if you choose the persuasive kind of writing, follow it through to the end. The reader should not find trouble trying to understand your style because you have a mix up of everything. If you use quotations at some point which is likely to happen, then do proper referencing to avoid plagiarism. If you are doing the argumentative style, base your arguments on facts and proper data to get a good anchor.

  • Divide Your Essay Well

The fact that an essay takes the form of a story does not necessarily mean that it should be without form. It is true that the ideas are expressed in prose but there is a specific structure in which your essay should fit. Be sure to do a catchy introduction to your piece and let the body flow accordingly with proper sub-divisions where necessary. The conclusion is supposed to be a summation of the rest of the work with clear guidelines for the way forward.

Do not leave the reader confused due to the poor articulation of the three parts. Also, answer the questions that need to be answered without forcing the reader to imagine possible answers. Remember to introduce every new idea in a new paragraph. This makes it easier for the reader to correlate ideas and get the gist of the essay.

  • Transit Well

In essay writing, coherent transition is very key. You will be required to link two different ideas while maintaining consistency. For you to achieve this, you may need to use several linking words and phrases like however, in addition among others. Again, be careful to use sentences that will allow you to smoothly shift from the introduction to the body then to the conclusion. One way to keep the flow is by reading the sentences aloud to yourself. If something does not connect well in your mind, it is unlikely that the reader will like it.

When writing an essay, starting on the right footing will help you to make smooth transitions without contradicting yourself. Have the conclusion in mind before you even do the introduction. Thinking ahead determines how you start off and how you transition from one idea to the next.

  • Remember to Proofread

Do not let the flow of your essay excite you to the point that you forget to proofread. There will always be one or two things that require editing. To get this right, you may need to go through your work more than once so that you do not leave any stone untouched. Put yourself in the position of your tutor and try to imagine what he expects from you. Even though you might not have your essay completely error-free, get rid of the obvious errors.

Proper editing may take more than just going through your work. Seeking the help of a third party will ensure that what you miss is captured by someone else. Something that seems fine to you might be pointed out as an error by another.

Bottom Line

Essay writing is what you make it be since it is an expression of your ideas in the best way you know how. Only be keen to follow the above guidelines to write deliver exceptional work. Engaging the services of an essay writer service provider is also an option.

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