Top 10 Online Shopping Search Engines of 2012

Online Shopping Search Engines Merchants want relevant data for making their budget in order to acquire more sales and revenue. The Cost Per Click strategy, every quarter accumulates facts from more than 4 million clicks and nearly 8 million dollars to ascertain the best online comparison shopping site.

10 Online Shopping Search Engines

Based on the same facts, here are 10 best comparison online shopping search engines that are tracked on the basis of quality of merchant tools, revenue, return on spending, conversion rate, traffic, average cost-per-click (CPC) and merchant response ratings.

  • Google Product Search

Google Product Search is a free comparison shopping site that manages to fetch most traffic and conversions. It has been the best performing CSE. Merchant on this search engine can manually upload feeds or bring use the FTP to upload in bulk use. The Google Product Search engine has not just got the new name – Google Shopping but will also transform into paid one from October 15. According to the company the transition will enhance the searcher experience. So, do we take it as a matter of concern? As many worry that Google might also withdraw free listings elsewhere.

  • Nextag

Nextag is shopping site that doesn’t just let shoppers search real estate, products, book travel plans, find sales, event tickets, but also a huge platform to compare prices and choose the affordable ones. It is regarded as an excellent performing paid comparison shopping engine. The best thing about this search engine is socialization of online shopping where one can easily track what users are talking about the products or services.
Nextag’s CPC pricing model lets merchants to optimize so that their products could appear on the comparison pages and also capable of supporting bulk uploads.

  • Pricegrabber

It is a great platform for shoppers to compare product price, reviews and merchant ratings. This paid deal site offer coupons and weekly specials. It lets the uploading of bulk data through FTP. On this search engine, users can easily search in English or Spanish and the product searches are tailored for retailers in Brazil and Mexico. Pricebagger lends benefits of sending product listing to Yahoo shopping, which makes it advantageous for the merchants.


This EBay owned site is a paid comparison shopping engine, which is known for incorporating product listings, which are based on the price and merchant attributes. Product reviews and ratings boost and help consumers to make a quick and informed purchasing. It allows bulk uploads via an FTP.

  • Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads let merchants to link customers to their website externally and a good option for those who don’t want to list on the Amazon Marketplace, or already listing on the shopping search engine.

  • Shopzilla

Shopzilla is a well recognized price comparison shopping site that connects shopper with over 100 million products across its partner sites such as Bizrate. It enables the shopper to locate, compare and buy anything that is sold virtually anyone and anywhere and also connects shoppers with unique retailers, sales, and customer feedback that helpful in quick buying decisions. It allows bulk product feed uploads through an FTP.

  • Pronto

Low prices and good performing merchants can be easily tracked using this shopping site that offers good results to the customer. It allows whole feed processing through an FTP.

  • lends research information that helps shopper locate the right product, review product details, reviews, articles, and other relevant shopping information. It accepts bulk feed transfer with an FTP and there’s no initial fee.

  • Bing

User searches on this free price comparison engine are compiled on the basis of product data, price, and reviews. Though, there’s no charge for any clicks from Bing but one need to establish a Microsoft Advertising adCenter account to use Bing Shopping.

  • Thefind

If users wish to have product information, coupons, and local searches for merchant listings then this shopping search engine is best to search. There is no feed submission but merchants can give TheFind bot access to their product pages for the purpose of crawling. Whereas, listing and setup are free.


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