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HireWriters is a website that providing article writing service online. The website proclaims to be a platform for services of both natures that is, getting articles written as well writing articles at the same time. Hire writers is basically a writing portal where demands of content writing meet the cost effective supply end.

Moreover the website is designed by HireWriters in a manner that guarantees an easy manoeuvre and browsing experience through the same. With easy guides and instructions at every step, content writing couldn’t have been any better.

Sometimes, in spite of the benefits that accrue out hiring professional writers, hiring a writer seems like a crazy idea. The budget that is involved, the time that you might need to spend on streamlining the project and overlooking the entire writing process, can deter you from hiring professional content writers. However, no matter what apprehensions you have, paid writers can deliver a highly experienced work that truly lives up to the industry standards that you need to adhere to. As an addition to the utter high quality of the content that you receive, there is an added advantage that you can get these services delivered at the lowest possible costs.


HireWriters.com Review



One of the most important prerequisites of getting a good response from your clientele is to have a good content. This necessitates the employment of a full time writer company to cater to specific needs. Hire writers is one such platform that can provide services for getting articles written.

It is a platform quite similar to the Text Broker but only better in terms of performance and quality service. Having used quite a few platforms for writing, I can perfectly outline how services form this company score over similar services from competitors in the same industry line.

In terms of the client needs, you can get almost any kind of content written on Hire Writers. There is a team of writers with the best experience and exposure to different writing styles thereby ensuring that a particular assignment is handled by expert writers who have had ample experience for the same. The writing time required is bare minimum, this basically means that the website is an excellent for all urgent commitments and promises.

In addition to the above, the price that one has to pay boils to bare minimum. Hire writers can be credited with establishing industry standards for effective and efficient pay structures for clients. Moreover, I have never felt as if quality of the contents provided were anyway compromised with in a bid to offer highly affordable services. The following is the price change depending upon the word count of the content required:


  • Word count between 150 to 300 – $1.50
  • Word Count Between 700 to 1000 plus – $5.00

For rewriting jobs, they offer the following price quotation:


  • Word Count between 150 to 300 – $1.25
  • Word Count between 700 to 1000 – $4.25

Moreover, at Hire Writers, I got the additional advantage of being able to outline by needs one by one to the writer concerned handling the particular project. This ensures that the content is as per the client’s demands, word by word and bit by bit. I have had the experience of going to Hire Writers with a 1000 words assignment. The project was streamlined within half an hour and a writer was on the job. It took another 1.5 hours and the content was all ready in my hands with all the research carefully done and the content penned down. In addition to the above pricing structure, clients can avail additional 25% bonus in case they sign up with the website. Sign up here.



Hire Writers is an absolute delight for people who are new to freelancing. The introduction and the demands placed on the website is really easy. The next step involves choosing between the numbers of options that are provided.

The first few articles offered will be so cheap, it will make the writer feel as if he is writing for free. Once the writer is into the system and has begun writing, it becomes a matter of a few reviews to get the writer move up the scale to higher rankings. Higher ranking implies a change in the payment rate as well the needs and requirements of the articles assigned.

It is the best platform for people looking for part time engagements as they pursue something big. The ranking that has been achieved with the website isn’t affected even if the writer chooses to stay put for a while not working.

The fact that a number of writers sign up with the website everyday as writers ensures that the interested clients van get their work done pretty cheap. However for demanding articles like the ones on the technical side, they will have to shell out a little more than the usual.

Writers in large numbers are preferring Hire writers to other similar platforms is because of the timely payments that get credited to the accounts of the respective writers at the end of every week via PayPal. The rankings available vary between Expert, Skilled, Average and Beginners in the descending order.

In case the writers are up for some real hard work and meeting crucial deadlines, they can even lay their hands on some bonus offered by the client for speedy completion. In addition to the above new writers can earn some fair amount of experience and get a chance to embark upon a bright writing career as they move up the ranking scales.

The quality of jobs and work that the writers are offered enables them to adopt such writing projects as a full time job or hobby. This is the one place where budding writers get a chance to embark upon assignments that can help them train and learn at the same time. Sign up here for writing jobs.



You can earn extra $5 for each client that makes a deposit and 50% future commission.

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Hire Writers is an awesome and one of its kinds of platforms for content writing. It is quite flexible on both the fronts that are for the clients and the writers as well. For clients can get good quality, timely and cost effective content in a variety of formats and the writers get a fair chance at earning and gathering experience. All in all, Hire writers is a complete package of freelancing and other similar content writing services possible.


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