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Free PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint continues to be the leader when it comes to presentations. Despite the many online tools and mobile apps, PowerPoint remains to be the most widely used slideshow creation tool. It continues to evolve over the years, adapting to the ever-changing needs of presenters and audiences alike.

In fact, PowerPoint keeps on developing new features and tools that make it easy for people to multi-task, collaborate, or work on-the-go, through the cloud. These updates allow PowerPoint to remain competitive and on top of the game, even now that Google Slides gained a lot of traction and market share. And if you’re in the market for presentation templates that help you make the most of this well-loved Office program, then is the place to go.

Check Out the Biggest Collection of Free PowerPoint Templates, or Free PowerPoint Templates, contains over 12,348+ PowerPoint templates, making it one of the biggest–if not THE biggest–resource for everything PowerPoint.

FPPT’s wide and diverse collection of PowerPoint backgrounds and slide templates make it easy for you to find the perfect slides for whatever topic. Whether it’s for school, office, or personal use, there’s something for you in this portal.

The free PowerPoint templates that are available in the portal range from kindergarten lesson plans to internet security training, business forecasts to family travel plans, and a whole lot more. The site offers a vast array of slideshow templates, background designs and themes, animations, icon sets, as well as SmartArt graphics and charts packages, to name a few.

Conveniently Search Thousands of Templates and Resources

Users can find the portal very convenient, as it’s like a one-stop-shop of everything related to presentations. Aside from the templates that are specially designed by professional for PowerPoint, there are also blogs, reviews, and tutorials to help them present like a pro and get better and better.

Navigating the site is also easy, because it offers several ways to navigate through the huge collection so you can find the exact template you need for a particular theme or topic. You can search for your desired slide templates or background by color, as the homepage shows color tiles that you can click on, and the site will return hundreds of template options based on your selection.

Free Presentation Templates

Example Free computer PowerPoint template

You may also search the portal through the Popular Keywords section of the homepage, where you can just click on any of the most-used keywords or categories to find a selection of templates that best suits what you have in mind.

You may also use the “Newest Templates” section where you can see the latest templates, backgrounds, and designs that you can use. Aside from that, there’s a Categories list that you can check out. Since FPPT is a vast repository of templates, you can expect to see hundreds of categories and subcategories. Don’t be overwhelmed though, as these are conveniently designed to help narrow down your search.

Lastly, of course, there’s a handy search box, where you can just type in any keyword related to the topic or design you want, and you can also see dozens of results as soon as you click “Go.”

Free Resource of Stunning and Professional-Looking Templates

What’s great about FPPT is that all the templates and resources are free. There’s no need for you to apply for a membership, setup an account, or subscribe to anything. FPPT is the perfect companion for presenters looking for free resources, and of course it can also be combined with other presentation tools in the market to enhance your presentations and slides in a positive way.

 There are also no hidden charges, fees, or any obligation whenever you download a template or read an article. Going over all the free resources provides you a great way to make you more confident in your presentations, or even kick-start your career as a public speaker.

Whether you download 2 or 20 templates, you can always be sure that they are high-quality, easily customizable templates that work well with PowerPoint. It takes out the time-consuming process of creating slideshows from scratch as well as all the hassle and guesswork in making sure you have a professional-looking, put-together deck that not only informs your audience but also entertains them. After all, the most important thing in any presentation is that you effectively deliver your message in the best way that you can.  You can check out FPPT for yourself.

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