Simple Touches To Help Solidify Your Brand

When it comes to running a business one of the biggest things you can face is ensuring that your brand is recognizable. After all, the brand and logo you have is your businesses chance to make a first impression. From the colors you use to the words or company name, it all needs to be right. However, sometimes the simple touches can help solidify your brand and I wanted to share with you what some of them are.

Simple Touches To Help Solidify Your Brand

Email signatures and advertising

A lot of your contact between the trade and customers will be done online, and so you need to consider how you can solidify your brand in this way. A great little tip is to include an email signature at the bottom of any correspondence. It could include your logo and branding message and a direct link to the website. This could also be a good way to advertise your product to prospective new customers as the direct link could take them straight to the products and services you offer.

Labels for packaging or other items

Advertising your brand and helping people to remember the brand image just doesn’t happen from the website and perhaps what you put online. It also comes from other aspects of the dealing you may have with a customer and packaging is one of them things. It could be that you have custom printed roll labels to help add to packaging. That might be on actual items or even just on the envelopes and packages that items are distributed out in.

Something that can be translated online as well as physically

Your brand needs to be easily adaptable to print and to an online format. So much is done online these days that it should be a high priority to you. But when it comes to the actual products and the packaging side of things, the logo and brand still needs to be just as good on physical aspects like labels or packets.

Simple is often best

When it comes to the brand you need to ember that often in many cases the simple designs are often the most effective. You only have to look at some of the most iconic brands out there today to see how they are not over complicated. Brands like Apple, Shell, and Coca-Cola. All extremely identifiable and recognizable, all quite simple in their design elements. Don’t complicate something that doesn’t need to be.

Using your logo as a watermark on pictures

Finally, you could also keep on using your logo as a watermark for any pictures that you put online. There are two benefits for this. The first one being that it protects your images from being used elsewhere online without your permission. The second being is that it continues to be a form of advertising in some way, especially when the images come up on a Google search.

I hope that this has made you more aware of some of the simple touches you can make to help solidify your brand.

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