SendPulse – A Solution To Your Business Communication Problems

SendPulse is a complete package for your email and other business needs. It offers bulk SMS service, emails as well as web-push notifications. For maximizing your email open rates, we have a solution. This solution will solve the trouble of email un-opening when you need to respond in emergency. Not only this, SendPulse also facilitates web-push notifications for free. Its functioning is based on the artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI, it helps in hyper-personalization and predictive analysis. With the help of AI, email open rate is increased by 50 percent. Customer reviews mostly indicate rate of over 30 percent. This percentage has been reported to be closer to 50 percent by many clients of SendPulse.

sendpulse email service

Using plans offered by SendPulse, you experience extra email personalization with optimized message timing & delivery preference for SMS, web push and emails.  You also experience subject & content optimization.

sendpulse sms service

Following are some of the many positive views for services provided by Send Pulse.

Free email marketing plan for over 2400 subscribers that is the highest subscribers range covered by any company

Life time free package for web-push notifications

For unlocking additional features, one can upgrade its plan to at only $9.95/month which is the cheapest upgrading cost by any company

For a personalized touch, you can also use their custom SPF and DKIM with paid plans. This is the cheapest way to use custom DKIM & SPF and avoiding purchase of costly plan from other companies.

Clean & self-explanatory user interface that allow even noobs to create automatic campaigns.

Automated web-push notifications that are best for e-commerce sites

Good customer support service

web push notification

Using AI they provide many unique features that are best at maximizing the opening rate of email. Your important tasks will never stop and you will get all done within smallest possible time. It offers largest quota for its SMTP services free email plans with least restrictions over functionality. During the 2016 Next Web-scale program SendPulse was in last 3 finalists. Next Web recognized SendPulse among best startups during 2016.

There are many features of SendPulse that make it stand out among other providers. It offers an accelerator startup program where participants get $5,000 for development of email marketing.  This integrated platform offers bulk email for marketers with bulk emails and notifications for web push. It is great for businesses that need all 3 together for their working.  Web push-notifications cost just $5 per month.  This service is particularly important for driving visitors to the website.

Using the packages offered by SendPulse you can send messages that are effective. Subscribers will get instant notification on their devices.  It is a quick means to inform customers about important events, order status, sales and news. By subscribing on the site, customers receive push notifications on devices whether mobile devices, desktop or any other. These services are compatible for 80% of devices used today. You can work it out on any of modern devices. For a complete business package, SendPulse is a great choice to consider.

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