Relocating Offices? Layout Is Everything

Any company that relocates to a new office building has to take great care when planning the layout of the new workplace. One might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a case of spreading out some desks and chairs and letting the employees decide where they want to sit, but there should be far more thought put into the whole process, because if a company gets this matter wrong it will soon start to affect its efficiency.

A central core to the layout itself should be the way different departments interact with each other. For example, in a publishing house it would make sense to keep the editorial sector close to the printing section, because they will need to remain in constant contact on a daily basis. If they are too far apart, there would be many wasted minutes in every working day, which could soon add up to hours over the course of a month.


Efficient communications equals efficient business 

Similarly, those who work in the marketing department will need constant liaison with the advertising specialists. In many such businesses, these two sectors will often share the same location within the office, but if that proves impossible to arrange then they should at least be adjacent to each other in order to make their working lives as efficient and fruitful as possible.If a workplace is also visited regularly by customers, suppliers and clients, it pays to make this particular area as attractive and welcoming as possible.


Many companies spend significant sums of money on ensuring their reception area projects the right image, and will often include funky artwork and prominent logos on the walls. Comfortable furniture is also a must, because of the need to create the right impression from the moment any visitor walks through the door.


Ask those in the know – the staff members 

In the coming months, any company that is considering a relocation, whether it’s to serviced offices in Uxbridge or a stand-alone building in Ullswater, should pay close attention to the layout arrangements, and would be wise to consult key members of the workforce to decide the final details.


Needless to say, moving from one location to another can be an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. A little pre-planning is advised, because it can save unnecessary costs in the future. Many organisations set up a working party or a project management system to oversee the whole process, which can increase efficiency dramatically.

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