Press Release – The Most Effective Way To Promote Your Brand

Want to promote or boost your business? Then the best option is to go for “Press Release”. Now-a-days, Press Release is the one-stop solution to promote some sort of new or newsworthy about your product, service, business or related event. As we know, we are living in a modern world and everyone engages with the internet on a regular basis as well as some of them are hard-core newspaper reader with a sharp mind (especially older people), so why not to use this medium to promote a brand name, service or business.


Why Use a Press Release – Infographic



I am not denying that Self-serving is not better, but the main problem is that you can get to the whole world at a time and yes it is expensive though. No doubt, Press Releases are a powerful, and often used branding tool to gain customer trust in a particular product or service. If you haven’t added Press Releases to your marketing taste, then you may be missing out the most effective and quickest way to show the world about your products/services. Of course, there are many benefits to go with Press Releases; which you should be aware of! Below are the some important benefits which literally you can expect from any Press Release:


Easy Public Awareness

Announcing a new product or a service? Then draft a letter to Press Release and immediately that news will be publish on all search engines, newspapers and social media with the help of branding tool and the whole world will come to know about your products/services faster than your official announcement reach.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The word “SEO” is abbreviated as “Search Engine Optimization” and present most of the company rely on this word only. Because before buying any product or a service, firstly user will fetch all the details about the company and related products/services and on the basis of reviews user will decide to go with it or not. And that’s the reason; Press Release often comes with inbound links to a company website, granting a company more online visibility.


Social Media Marketing

The most important and effective benefit to go Press Release is Social Marketing. Press Release use Social Media Distribution tool for online sharing about your new products and services via social media websites, and blogs or forums. This helps to gain more audience attention from different sources by creating a buzz and it also enhance your credibility.


While getting through the benefits; you must think about the pricing, right? The Press Release is not much expensive than what we thought. One can easily go with it with a little investment and if it is expensive though then also we can afford it because indirectly it will help us only to make a company’s better future. Have you ever used Press Release for your Company? Do share your reviews about it in the below comments section!


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