Why Girl Bosses Are On The Rise In 2017

It would seem that 2017 is the year of the girl boss. Indeed, even since 2013 over half of the increase in self employment was due to women starting their own businesses. There’s a lot for a girl to sink her teeth into nowadays, and entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of this fact. But what factors are involved in this exponential rise? Here’s a few ideas on the subject.

Why Girl Bosses Are On The Rise In 2017

Times Have Changed

Women have established themselves in every corner of the corporate world, with fresh ideas and business models. More women are staying in business even when deciding to have their own families, and are found working for as long as men do. The employment rate has grown at twice the US national average alone in the past 10 years.

With more and more women being reported on in business around us, it’s more and more likely to enroll other women in similar ventures. Think of it as the snowball effect. According to bitc.org, it’s clear that our zeitgeist needs new energy and is ready for it, as women on a board of directors outperform companies with no female representation.

It’s A Lot Easier To Start A Business Nowadays

With the invention of the internet and more and more alternative lending solutions, starting and staying in business is far more common than it was 50 years ago. No longer do you have to inherit a shop in order to run one. Business is also a lot more subjective, and working as a sole trader or in a partnership is far more common too, as people are able to support themselves.

Online financing such as smallbusinessloans.co allows anyone to access their site, and makes applications readily available for anyone who needs one. Sometimes people, and especially women, in the past have been nervous to enter banks to ask for a business loan. Gone are those days when you had to feel self conscious about what was going on around you. It’s the first step to success to realise you can do anything.

There’s Plenty Of Unconventional Business To Go Around

Buy, sell, repeat. That’s the usual business model. Spending money to make money and them turning profit off of the finished product. Yet, this isn’t just something to be done on a big scale in a shop front anymore. Working your way up from the bottom has been made a lot easier.

Working online, with sites such as Ebay, means you can make profit off of whatever you have laying around the house, or find in thrift stores, rubbish bins, or on the street. Crafting your own clothes and jewellery using ‘traditional’ feminine skills means there’s plenty of material to go around. The desire for the vintage and retro means these kind of businesses are more in demand than ever.

It would seem the cultural climate, crafted by men and women alike, means girl bosses are on the rise. The world wants to see more and more of them!

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