5 Ways To Get More Work Done So You Can Buy An Island, Or Just Get Home Quicker

Not everyone wants to be rich enough to buy an island in the Pacific Ocean. They also don’t want to be up every morning and busting their guts until it gets dark in order to do it. When people want their business to become big enough to afford an island it’s going to take a lot of work and it will completely destroy the important time they get to spend with their family. Other people are happy with what they have. Their business is bringing in a decent amount of money and they are happy with what it can provide, but they just want the day to be a little easier.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting your life to be easier, especially if it means you get to spend much more time with your family. Becoming rich or making your day easier comes with the same type of problem and that’s finding a way to do things quicker. The ones who dream of their island can do more work, whereas you can go home after your work is finished. Let’s look at a few of the ways people are able to shave lots of hours off their day.

Get very comfortable

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When you’re looking at what chair you want to buy it shouldn’t have anything to do with the price. Unless you don’t have any money to rub together you should buy the most comfortable chair possible. That could be a few hundred dollars, or much more. When you are very comfortable you will get on with your work much quicker because you will be in the zone. The amount of money you make by getting more work done will pay for the chair a thousand times over.

Say goodbye to dealing with mail

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Unless you’re a huge company with a nice mailing department it’s going to be you that’s screening the mail every day and it’s going to waste a lot of time. More time than you’d like to spend on them anyway. If you sign yourself up to a special mail company you can use an address you get from them and they will receive all your mail. That means you just need to kick back every morning and check your email, because they will scan it and send it over.

Stop wasting time on boring tasks

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You are a superhero, but you’re also a regular person. You can come up with some amazing suggestions and implement some great ideas that are going to bring your business lots of money. But them you are also the person who deals with all the little things you could train anyone to do. That means you waste time when you could be doing some crucial tasks. Hire someone else to do them. You will make more money working on the big stuff, so stop being the regular person.

Get a better computer

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There’s a reason people like smaller electronics and it’s because they look cool. They are fashionable and we love when we feel like a million bucks. The only trouble is they won’t let you make a million bucks as quick as you could with bigger equipment. That means using a monitor you can actually see and a keyboard that your fingers can easily type with. This also has to do with faster computers that get the job done quicker.

Save everything at once

WD MyBook 320GB Pro

When you run a business from a computer there’s always a big danger of losing everything. That means you are always making backups of everything, whether it’s on an external hard drive or uploading it to online storage space. You want to use online storage space, but not one like Dropbox where everything has to be done manually. With services like Carbonite you can install something on your computer and it will automatically make backups of your entire system whenever you want.

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