Consistent Branding IS Corporate Branding

The chances are we all have a different image of branding in our heads. Some people see McDonald’s, others see Nike, and then there are the Apple enthusiasts. Regardless of the logo or the company, it’s easy to see the big picture. What these brands do best is develop creative campaigns which include grand gestures to grab a customer’s attention.

Consistent Branding IS Corporate Branding

Yep, that’s exactl. Oh, wait a minute because that isn’t correct at all. The thing which makes global brands successful across the globe is consistency. Everything they offer promotes and maintains their message. Here are the ways the best brands appeal to consumers.

The Quality Of Service

When a mistake happens once or twice, you can deal with it because it isn’t a huge deal. Just redo the order and give me what I asked for, is the general response. Things happen and people are human, so there’s no reason to get nasty or angry. But, when it starts to become a regular thing, that’s when the brand begins to suffer. Imagine going into five Starbucks in a day and not getting what you ordered. You’d find a new coffee shop. Consistency means a company which prides itself on its service and going the extra mile can tailor the experience to the individual.


One thing we take for granted in this day and age is cleanliness. Everywhere you order now has to adhere to rules and regulations for safety and hygiene reasons. This wasn’t the case in the late 50s when McDonald’s skyrocketed. The post points out Ray Kroc took this to a new level. Not only that, but he made cleanliness a deal breaker for all of the franchises which used the name and logo. Sure, the product played a massive role as did the novel service, yet the dirt free restaurants kept people coming back for more. In fact, they still do to this day thanks to consistency.

Revolutionizing The Message

For the most part, evolution is better than revolution. Most entrepreneurs would agree, except for the good folks at Airbnb. In the beginning, the site was a platform for technology according to the founders. Check out its history at However, the savvy owners realized their community was too big an opportunity to miss out on, so they switched up. Everything from the logo to the service to the pictures on the site represented one thing: community. And, it was consistent across the board to appeal to their target audience.

Real Talk

All too often, a marketing strategy is designed to cover up the cracks in the foundations. In essence, it’s damage limitation. Customers aren’t stupid and they can tell when something isn’t right. The best brands play up to their authenticity; they provide certification for their claims. Despite what you think of Apple, they did have a product which was superior to everything else on the market. Steve Jobs advertised by consistently drawing from real achievements and experiences. This instills trust and eliminates fear.

How authentic is your brand? Is the quality high? Do you need to tweak or change the message?

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