A Change Of Pace: Looking To History For Business Inspiration

Business in the modern age is tough to get your head around. When you think you’re mastering the latest technologies, something new comes along to scupper operations. Business owners now need to be kings and queens of their keyboards. They also need to keep one eye on tech news at all times.

It’s a fast paced, and stressful world, where e-commerce and digital marketing threaten to change business in every way. It is, of course, a fantastic time of opportunity. But, it’s heavy going. Starting your own business has always been a full-time operation, but never more so than in the modern age.

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In fact, we work so hard to keep our eyes on the digital ball that all we ever do is look to business’ future. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with thinking forward, and it’s the best way to success. You need to know what your customers are doing now to stand any chance.

But, it’s important not to forget the value of looking back, too. As much as the future is crucial, it’s uncertain footing. In comparison, the history of our enterprises offers a solid foundation on which to base our practices. That’s not to say that you should develop your business right out of the history books. But, you could certainly learn from what’s come before. To prove the point, we’re going to look at a few ways that your industry’s history could help you.

Developing an understanding of the inner workings

While we all have to throw ourselves into our business, the way in which we do that is changing. Now, there’s a certain degree of removal between us and our products. For the most part, machines make them. Our input into the actual creation is often as simple as tapping a few buttons. And, that doesn’t change when it comes to selling. Instead of seeing our customers, we message them online. Then, we package our products and send them off. In most cases, we don’t even know how well received they are. Unless there’s a complaint, of course.

But, things couldn’t have been more different in the olden days. Before the industrial revolution, everything was made by hand. Business owners put blood, sweat, and literal tears into their products. It would, of course, be impractical for us to do the same. Things operated at a much slower pace back then, and custom was local only. But, by researching old methods, you can gain a much better understanding of your product. Because, how many of us actually know what goes into the making? Once it’s in the machine, we just let it do its thing.

Of course, knowledge like this isn’t going to make any direct difference to your product. You can’t start making the stuff by hand, after all. But, it can help to give you…

Appreciation for your industry

And, appreciation is crucial for keeping your passion alive. When we’re operating at a distance, it’s all too easy to view our business clinically. And, nothing’s better for killing passion. To stop that happening, take a look back. Builders should look into the beginnings of health and safety procedures. Financiers should take the time to learn about the origins of fast payday loans. Doctors should know a brief history of medicine. Research like this will remind you why you love your industry. It’ll also give you great respect for those who have come before, and a passion to do them proud!


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Old methods for your modern setting

It’s also important to note that your research could well reveal old methods which could serve you well now. Most of the things you’ll uncover won’t do you any good. After all, things have moved forward, mainly for the better. But small things, such as personal touches to packaging, or the local business vibe, could serve you well in the modern age. Once upon a time, companies took much longer over the small touches. Packages would be wrapped, and tied with string or ribbon, for example. And, a little touch like this could be a huge help in an age where business is much less about personal connection. What customer wouldn’t love to receive a package like this through the post? It’s the best way to inject a little personality and see a return of their custom. And, that’s not the only lesson to be learned. Historical advertising campaigns could also teach you a thing or two. Do your research, and decide what would boost your business.

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