9Slides Review – SlideShare for Training

Preparing presentations can sometimes be an uphill task especially if the matter is quite technical. You would not want to have a boring presentation that will make your audience sleep in the middle of the presentation.

The introduction of 9slides has however transformed the manner in which people prepare and present different presentations since it can transform boring slides into interesting ones in a click of a button. In a business setting, this is the best application for training your seasonal sales team because you can share slides using some of the leading file sharing sites like the box.


How 9slides is the ideal employee-training tool
One need not mention the importance of training to the enterprising people in a sales team. Training helps develop a perspective of the product. Seasonal sales campaigns are very important too. Use of 9slides presentations helps the manager train his team faster since they can start sharing training material with seasonal workers long before their contract begins. This can guarantee a greater response from the trainees since they can access the training material while on the go. (Refer http://9slides.com/training).

Newly launched products need exposure to the market. Without this, they will falter in the face of competition. New products mean new parameters and new targets. Training is essential to keep the sales force up to date and to create awareness among other employees as well. One can see another aspect of training during the vacation period. Holiday seasons are notorious for travel discounts and employees doing their thing or goofing off.

Training is an integral part of progress and one must aim to keep the wheel turning. 9slides provides an invaluable tool for providing training to the employees. The versatility of this tool shows in the way one can manipulate data for the benefit of the trainees.


Method of Preparing the Slides

The 9slides app can represent figures, ideas or concepts. One can arrange tables and geometrical shapes to create flow patterns too. Ideas that need a flow are broken into small bits and presented as a figure. (Refer http://www.9slides.com/iPad) Now, the acceptance becomes easier because it is easily understandable. Any member of the seasonal sales team can thus be referring to the slides they have whenever something is not clear. They can even communicate feedback on anything that needs special attention.

The method of preparing the slides is simple. One just prepares the concept and determines how to present the idea. Then, one has to open a template and pull down the appropriate diagrams or figures. Inside these, one writes the words to create the picture of the product or service.

Now, your slide is ready. You can upgrade, change or add new pages or shuffle the content to increase the clarity of the content or improve on the design.


Utility Value of the Slides as part of the training material

One may design each template in different colors and use any figure. Additionally, you do not have a limit on the number of slides in a single presentation. As long as you can keep your audience occupied, you are good to go. This versatility makes them indispensable for creating attractive models for each product.

Secondly, they increase the clarity of the game plan one adopts. The selling technique is decided and the team assembles. Each member then presents his ideas on a shared 9slides account, which may also be shared from a file sharing site like the box. A quick look at the slides will give an idea of what each member is trying to achieve.


Keeping in Touch with the Training Progress

Slides regarding the latest developments and the methods that are proving to be effective are readily available from the members. By using these, one can choose and make modifications to the selling methods and techniques. Sharing the slides can make the entire process quite easy since these employees can collaborate in attaining specific goals. Since all these are pictorial in nature, the message is clear and there is no time wasted in explanations.


Incorporating Training in the Sales Force

Training is the cutting edge of all innovation and enterprise. If one has trained well, one saves:

  • Money
  • Effort
  • Space


There is gain in all the following aspects.

  • There is gain in all the following aspects.
  • Visibility of product or service
  • Improved coordination between the sales members
  • Posses a stronger interactive media
  • Help for members to express their ideas better


Instead of spending hours talking about something, if one creates a picture the idea stays fresh longer and the idea grows in a healthy manner. You can also use interesting animations to reduce the boredom especially for longer presentations.

One does not have to spend money to buy stationery or spend time writing up all the aspects of the product. You only need to spend some time designing the template; you have a great packaging for the product ready to roll.  Your sales team will also have similar presentations since you can share them with everyone irrespective of their physical location.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for 9Slides. I received compensation for this post but the views here are entirely my own.


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