3 Corporate Mentoring Trends You Need to Know

Corporate Mentoring Trends

In recent years, corporate mentoring has become instrumental to reducing employee turnover and enhancing company culture. However, things have come a long way since mentoring programs were first established and companies are embracing revolutionary new ways of providing employees with in-house training. Let’s discover 3 corporate mentoring trends you can expect to see taking shape in the near future.

Companies Will Embrace Corporate Mentoring Software

Investing in mentoring software such as the Together Platform can help your HR department to curate and manage a mentoring program that works for everyone. Thanks to developments in technology, mentoring software can be used to pair employees with appropriate mentors and mentees using an algorithm that takes into consideration experience, personality, and other unique factors to make sure matches are as advantageous as possible. Getting matches correct is one of the most important parts of the mentoring process, but this can take time when done manually. Developed in conjunction with the rising popularity of corporate mentoring in the USA, mentoring software speeds up the pairing process saving your company time and money in the long run.

Mentoring software can also make scheduling mentoring sessions easier. In order for mentoring to be a success, sessions need to occur regularly and at a mutually convenient time for everyone involved. Co-ordinating mentors with mentees can be a complex process, with work commitments taking up a large amount of the weekly calendar. The Together platform allows users to quickly plan the time and date of their next session with ease, allowing employees to take responsibility and customize their mentoring program.

Mentoring Will Become Even More Commonplace

Corporate mentoring schemes have a wide range of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for everyone involved. For example, studies seem to suggest that, when implemented successfully, mentoring programs can have a positive impact on company culture. In the corporate workplace, a positive working environment is more important than even before. Employees crave surroundings that mirror their ethics, expectations and goals, and mentoring provides a platform to exercise these values.

With unemployment rates and average job tenures reaching record lows, retaining employees is of huge concern to companies in the corporate sector. Mentoring schemes display evidence that an employer is invested in the future of its staff, and this can foster a sense of community spirit. Employees can quickly lose interest in a company if there is a lack of opportunities for progression or growth and so mentoring sessions offer a potential solution to desires for career development, keeping employees and the companies they work for happy. 

Group Mentoring Sessions

Although traditional mentoring relationships involve a one on one interaction, between mentor and mentee, some mentoring relationships can take place in a group setting. Group mentoring sessions are a way for small collections of people to work through goals and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an individual. Although typically one person will lead the mentoring sessions, there are also opportunities for role reversal in which mutual learning can take place.

Furthermore, although structured as a group, learning still takes place on an individual basis and each mentee works on their own unique learning needs and development goals. The group should still be a safe and confidential environment for the exploration of personal challenges and customized guidance should also be provided. The dynamics of an ensemble can add a whole new element to the learning environment, but inclusion and celebration of diversity should still be at the forefront of all mentoring sessions.For corporate business who want to stay ahead of the trends, mentoring programs seem to be the way of the future. Ultimately, quality mentoring sessions enable employees to set, meet, and even beat achievable targets. Over time, this can have overarching benefits for overall business success as well as personal and professional development. Looking for more corporate advice to ensure your company stands out from the crowd? Check out this blog post featuring 5 tips for running an efficient business.

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