Join Top Blogging Communities To Increase Blog Traffic

top Blogging communities No doubt that blogging communities has become one of most reliable ways to increase blog traffic, many bloggers rely on blogging communities to build backlinks and drive high quality and targeted traffic to their blogs. If you really want to earn huge money from your blog then you need targeted traffic and high pagerank backlinks. Because without traffic you can’t earn money from your blog.

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers commit is that they build a blog but they don’t drive traffic to their blogs and this is the worse mistake a blogger could commit. I’ve heard an old quote that says  ” build it and they will come ” well this quote surely doesn’t apply here.

Blogging communities are not only beneficial for your blog only, but they are even beneficial for bloggers in which sense?  We bloggers most connect and interact with other professional bloggers to gain some experience so this will  certainly help us to make our blogs better and this is what blogging communities are all about.

Why should we join Blogging Communities?

Well, there are three reasons, let me explain in details.

  • 1. Submit and promote our content and drive traffic  to our blogs.
  • 2. Each time we submit our content we get 1 backlink.
  • 3. To Engage more with other like-minded bloggers.

Now let me share with you popular blogging communities for bloggers  to increase  blog traffic and backlinks.

  • BlogEngage

We all know BlogEngage is a paid blogging community which is considered one of the best blogging communities in the blogosphere, there are many great features that makes blog engage the best one. Read the full BlogEngage review.

But some people repeatedly ask me if there are some good and free alternatives to BlogEngage the answer is a big yes and here is a list of the best  free alternatives to join and get benefits.

  • BizSugar

BizSugar is the perfect resource and social networking community for Small Business bloggers. The BizSugar community is run by Anita Campbell of Small Biz Trends and her staff.  BizSugar is a great social networking site where you can hang out and get inspired while learning from your peers. It’s really not only a good place to submit  articles but also a huge community to take part and increase your  knowledge.

  • Blokube

It is a social bookmarking site By Devesh that helps bloggers connect with each other and get that extra exposure for their articles. Blokube makes it easy for bloggers to get the extra attention they need for their articles – and that extra attention might be the only thing you need to succeed.

  • SERpd

SERpd is a SEO blogging community site, Serpd is making big plans about moving toward a real niche community that offers its members something more than just sharing news stories. The creators of SERPd, Chris Burns and Gerald Weber.

  • BlogInteract

BlogInteract is a great blogging community. You should join Blog Interact because Bryan owns it. He is a genius, marvellous and easily accessible person. Just like Brian of Blog Engage! Bryan helps you with all queries, supports you with his votes on your post and does a lot more.

  • Bloggers

Connect with like-minded bloggers. Join the best Bloggers Community to discover the Best Bloggers around the world and follow Top Blogs based on your interests, and build your audience now.


Spicypage community lets you post, comment on, vote on, share your favorite sites or blogs with your friends and others like you. Discover and bookmark the new and the best sites & blogs out there, and connect with people of the same interests as you.

  • Fuelmyblog

Fuel my blog is another great spam free blogging community you really should join to increase your blog traffic, drive traffic interact with other bloggers.

This is a very popular blogging community in india where you can share your posts and engage with other indian bloggers, I’m not indian I’m moroccan but if you are indian then you must join this awesome community.

  • Tagza

Tagza is a social blogging community site where bloggers discover, share, vote and discuss interesting and remarkable posts they find on the web. Join this community and start promoting your blog posts.

  • Inbound

Inbound is well known bookmarking site where you can submit and promote your blog posts vote on other bloggers posts. You can start the discussion to interact with other bloggers.

Final words

These are awesome  Blogger Communities in the blogosphere to share our blog content with the world to drive the huge amount of traffic and build backlinks.

Have you joined these Free Blogging Communities? Do you know any other site feel free to share with us any other blogging community that should be here.

Thanks for reading my post, if you like it post please share it on social media sites.

To your success,

Anis Chity!


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