Things to Look for when Renting Web Hosting for Your Site

Buying a web hosting account will enable your site to go out of anonymity and make it accessible online within the vast world of internet websites. But with so many providers out there it would be rather hard to find one that is right for it.


You would have first of all check with the following factors to be included in your search to have the peace of mind that you have come to the right decision:

Web hosting

Things to Look before buying Web Hosting


Look for FTP access: In case you find the plan to include FTP access, it means that you will have the possibility to easily upload content on your website. You will find several of these companies allowing you to access the server through a web format, but in this way you would have hard times in uploading content. So, you would better look for those that include FTP access.


Check for appropriate disk space: This can be done by looking on your hard disk to see how much your site occupies. If the space is of 30 GB, then consider buying a web hosting plan offering 35 GB space. There are many new sites that require less than 1 GB for the web space. Do not fall for those host services offering unlimited space as you won’t use this one up.


Check for reliability and access speed: The ideal web hosting service should guarantee 99% of minimum uptime. Do not overlook the importance of access speed since many internet surfers won’t have the patience to access a website that moves very slowly.


Transferring data that will ask for enabling traffic and an appropriate bandwidth. This is related to the amount of bytes that your site will transfer once this one is accessed by the online visitors. If your site will be visited by a lot of users, then you will need a web hosting plan that offers enough bandwidth for the large traffic. As a new site you will need a bandwidth that provides less than 3 GB per month. But make sure to get a little bit more, considering that with time your site will grow bigger.


Look for technical support: This support should come to you as a 24/7 service, since you need to access it and be responded to instantly as you require it. If the web hosting doesn’t offer this permanent customer support, then move on to the next one.


Looking to have email address on your own domain. You can as well look for those providing POP3, auto-responding and mail forwarding.


The web hosting plan should include .htaccess, FTP, SSI, PHP, telnet, MySQL, SSH, Pearl Scripts and cron tabs. Some of these hosts might not allow you install PHPO without their prior approval. In this case it is better to move on to the one which has all these included in its web hosting plan.


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