The charm of WordPress is that it handovers you full authority over your content without worrying much about the technical elements and coding proficiency requirements. However, even WordPress cannot accomplish everything for you alone.

If you need people to unearth your content, you’ll require advancing it for search, which apparently means digging into the trembled world of SEO. Fortunately, WordPress shows up for the salvage again, with many plugins devised to make the work much more convenient and controllable. The only issue now is to select the proper SEO Plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Choosing the Best Plugin for your WordPress Site:

While talking about choosing a plugin that will improve the SEO capacity of your website, there is plethora of alternatives to select from. But, there are two major pros in the WordPress SEO plugins sphere, which are both all-inclusive choices formed to fulfill almost all of your SEO requirements.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

With over 21 million downloads, Yoast SEO is by far the top-ranked SEO plugin available these days. The plugin directs you over the technical edge of SEO and intents to go that extra step by assisting you create improved content in passage.

The Yoast SEO plugin unquestionably is a comprehensive toolkit, loaded with many features to make search engine optimization accessible for everyone. Thanks to its user-friendly interface that makes it absolutely comfortable to navigate and use a protracted list of available features.

The plugin also enables you to include SEO title, Meta keywords as well as Meta description to every post and page of your website. In addition, it also includes sitemaps, Open Graph Meta data and Twitter cards whenever you amend your site.

However, there is still room for development in terms of sitemap options offered by Yoast. In addition, the inclusion of too many features is also somewhat cumbersome for those looking for very basics.


  • Easy to use UI
  • Wide-ranging features
  • SEO feedback
  • Progressive on-page as well as inter-page optimization for dummies
  • Over the web Yoast SEO resource

DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin:

DELUCKS is another super easy, multi-language adaptable, quick SEO tool that helps you optimize your online portals, websites, blogs and even your online businesses. In addition, it is also compatible to all well-known visual editors such as Visual Composer and Avia Framework.

The free basic version offers:

  • Meta Data:

Through Basic version, you can organize metadata for your site. Moreover, you can also set up how you wish to restrict descriptions of your web portal.

  • Statistics:

You can see the total number of visits in the form of graph over your WordPress dashboard. In addition, you can also include tracking codes of extrinsic tools such as Google Analytics.

  • Sitemaps:

Organize usual sitemaps and describe your preferences alongside posting frequency for every post kind of your site. Besides adding a Google News sitemap to your site, you can also activate video or image sitemaps to overture Google your media.

  • URLs:

To upgrade your domain framework for excellent keyword practice, you can eliminate the words which do not hold important connotation from being employed in your Uniform Resource Locators. Turn on the encrypted connection of your complete site, provided that you hold an SSL certificate for your domain.

Yoast SEO Plugin vs DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin:

Getting Search Engine Optimization ‘right’ definitely makes a huge difference to your website’s possibility of success. However, achieving that SEO grip is also by no means effortless. SEO is a convoluted term and anybody who’s pulled off the starting stages knows well that how elaborated things can turn into when you begin getting deliberate about SEO. It’s a continuously moving objective. Tips and procedures that work wonderfully one year can become unpopular the next, banking on both flow and inclination of Google.

Google’s owned SEO starters guide as well as Moz’s beginner guide is two exceptional resources in the first place. Try to make your way via these resources to get your hands on the basics such as URLs, page descriptions, titles, anchor text, quality of content and an appropriate utilization of tags and headings. As far as picking the best SEO plugin for your webspace is concerned, Yoast SEO plugin offers convenient choices for handling URLs, page descriptions and titles; In addition it also includes integration alternatives for main social networks, XML sitemap generation and URL redirects. The extended list of options is though confusing for non-technical users, but it also gives you myriad of alternatives that you can select as per your own unique set of requirements.

DELUCKS SEO WordPress plugin on the other hand is an on-page solution that unlike Yoast is absolutely simple to setup and maintain. The inclusion of holistic optimization enables you to correct the formats, titles and even words of your content. In addition, its all-inclusive nature helps you avoid using many plugins, which results in better, fast performance of your WordPress blog or a site.

Yoast vs DELUCKS SEO Plugin – the Final Thought:

SEO plugins can surely be a lifesaver for WP site owners who desire to accelerate the SEO process and advance their website maintenance. However, you need to be extra cautious about your plugin decision as installing too many plugins will affect the speed of your site. Better to install one that is capable of catering much of your SEO requirements and is flexible enough to meet the future requirements of your blog or WP website. And this is where you need to trust the most reliable name in the SEO plugin universe – Delucks SEO Plugin. The availability of extensive features not only gives you freehand to apply and amend any of your site options today but in the long run too.

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