The Perfect Blog – What Would the Ideal Blog Look Like?

Perfect blogFive Factors Behind A Successful Blog

Creating a blog is a complicated and not always straightforward process. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there and it’s hard to know what the best strategies are to achieve the most success.

That said it’s also certainly true that some decisions are better than others when it comes to blog design and there are certainly some things you should and shouldn’t do. It might not really be logical to say that there’s such thing as the ‘perfect blog’, but for the sake of an interesting article, here we are going to imagine what one might look like. If you did everything right, and if you listened to all the best advice, what would your perfect blog look like? Here we will imagine a universe where such a thing might exist.

  • A Great Niche

First of all the perfect blog would have to be on a fantastic niche. This would mean ensuring that there wasn’t too much competition on the subject, but that at the same time there was enough people who were interested in the topic and enough infrastructure around it to help you with the subject. The best way to accomplish this is probably to choose a popular subject and then to give it your own unique spin so that you can stand out from the crowd.

  • A Brilliant Design

The look and design of your blog also needs to be something you give a lot of thought. The perfect blog would have a design that made it stand out from the crowd and that was nicely unique – but it would also be a design that didn’t alienate anyone and that everyone would appreciate (here’s your first sign that such a perfect blog isn’t possible – you can’t please everyone all of the time).

Meanwhile you should also ensure that your design is one that works on every single device. The perfect blog would look exactly the same whether you were looking at it on a 3DS or on a huge HD TV.

  • Gripping, Well-Written and Consistent Content

The content on the perfect blog would be written consistently – i.e. you’d upload at least three posts a day (one is good, but three is perfect). Meanwhile the content would be on interesting subjects that were unique and that appealed to a wide audience and they would be thought provoking and stimulating without permanently offending anyone.

  • Great Monetization

The perfect blog would not have any Google AdSense in sight. If you’re using AdSense or any ad network then you’re giving away your traffic which means you aren’t making the most from your site. The perfect blog would exist to promote a great product that people wanted to see and it wouldn’t do this in a way that was too in your face either.

  • Unique Images

The images on the perfect blog would be unique to that site and not just harvested from Google Images. They would look professional, they would be well edited and they would elevate the level of the site as a result.

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