Icons-Land Royalty Free Stock Icons Site Review

Nowaday high quality icons plays a big  role in the web designing industry, many web designers focus on icons for giving a fresh and stylish look to their web pages, icons are really important because they are considered as a powerful way to motivate the users.

If we want to make visitors keep visiting our blogs we should firstly make sure our blog designs rock  and without adding perfect icons your blog has no way to rock, that’s why I really recommend you to make use of  icons so you give an awesome eye-catchy look to your site, because it’s just needless to say how important is  a great  blog design for the users, it simply make them stay longer on your blog and keep them visiting it more often.

May be you are asking yourself  ”where could I find great icon resources for my blog?” well, don’t worry there are many sites all over the internet which can provide you quality royalty free stock icons  with affordable prices.

You can drastically increase the overall appeal of your blog by using awesome eye-catchy icons. During my research about the best icon resources I found that icons-Land.com is the good stock icons site ever for every blogger and web designer who are looking for royalty free stock icons for their sites.

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What is Icons-Land?

Icons-Land is an icon design studio site with highly qualified designers that have a very  strong experience in designing icons.
Beside readily available stock icons, vector icons and emoticons for commercial use that could be implemented in websites, mobile applications and more. They offer the following custom design services:

  • Icon Design
  • Logo Design
  • Animation Design
  • CD/DVD Cover Design
  • Skin Design
  • Software Box Design
  • 3D Design

All the icons they offer are .PNG and  .ICO format  and the most common sizes are  16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256. Icons-land has a wide range of icons in different categories  here are some of the icon categories :

Multiple Smileys

Multiple Smileys

This Unique Emoticons that depict 25 characters in 20 emotions for status, rating, expressing mood. Could be used in blog, forum, instant messenger, email and any communication tool. The price is 60 USD ($5 individual icon)

Vector Multiple Smileys

Vector Smileys

This Unique Emoticons that depict 25 characters in 20 emotions. Icons are provided in Adobe Illustrator format and are suitable for  web and graphic design, presentations, printing materials, brochures,  etc. The price is 180 USD ($5 individual icon)

Software Icons Set

Software Icons

Vista style base software icons set suitable for every type of web sites and software. Base Software Icons offers icons that mean actions, objects and states. These icons are suitable for ribbons, categories, status bars, menus, toolbars, status bars,  links. The price is 120 USD ($5 individual icon)

Metro sport Vector Icons Set

Metro Sport Icons

This sport icon is suitable for  desktop, mobile and web applications in PNG and ICO formats. Each icon is provided in two variations – white and black. These icons represent different sports, gambling and sport inventory Winter and Summer Olympic Games, activities. The price is   60 USD ($5 individual icon)

Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set

Vista Style Icons

All icons are divided into 6 groups: Cities – few famous cities, Places – various Points of Interest used for marking different places on the maps, such as Bank, Hotel, Gas Station, Airport, Hospital. (these icons quite precisely depict real objects), Containers – various containers which can be used in GPS tracking applications for cargo and assets tracking; GIS/GPS – diverse icons which can be used in GIS and GPS applications while working with maps, for example region selection, various coordinate systems and layers, Devices – device icons used for maps examining, for example mobile phone, Portable Computer, PDA, Vehicle Tracking – icons usefull for vehicle tracking applications, including road signs, batteries, traffic lights, etc. The price is 120 USD ($5 individual icon)

These are some of the  icon categories that Icons-land offers you, feel free to check out icons-land website to browse more categories and Buy Icons.

There are a lot of different icons categories that  can be bought individually too  – http://individual.icons-land.com/
Icons can be bought individually for as low as $5 per icon for PNG/ICO version, and $15 per icon for AI version. There is a simple search and similar icons are shown.

Final Words

Well high quality Icons are very important element of an attractive and effective website or application. If you’re looking for Icons to design a website or application  then Icons-land.com seems to be the best place to find such good icons with very affordable prices.

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