Blogging Tips: How To Get Started Your Blog

Writing a blog is a personal choice. Whether the blogger is writing for his/her own blog or for a paid site, it takes a great deal of thought and organization to write an informative and interesting blog.

how to get started blog


What is a Blog?

A blog is a form of communication on the Internet. Blogging has evolved from the former online journaling of years gone by. A blog can also be likened to a diary, especially if it is the personal opinion of the blogger. A blog:

·      Tells a story

·      Is informative but not a news report

·      Is the writer’s opinion

·      Is personal

·      Might be factual or not


How to Get Started

Make a plan about what your blog subject will be. Will it be the written word or photographs? Narrow down the subject matter for a personally driven blog or sign on to an online company that offers blog opportunities about specific topics and pays the blogger, per blog, to write them.

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Just for Fun or a Money Maker

A personal blog is just for fun and written about any subject of the writer’s choice. Popular subjects range from do-it-yourself instructions, make-up tips or fashion savvy to how to start your own business or tips on first aid at home. The sky is the limit. Only the writer’s imagination can squelch the writing opportunities.

Writing a blog for a professional website earns a per blog payment. Some sites have a variety of subject to pick from while others have the writer commit to a particular subject like medical topics, fashion, cooking or education.


Start Writing

Blogs are written in a more casual manner than a research paper. A blog should still maintain a high standard of grammatical and language savvy. While casual, a blog still needs to be professionally written.

Once a topic for a blog has been identified, it is time to research the subject, if applicable. Use credible websites to gather the information and facts. If writing a blog from the heart, start by jotting down a list of important points you wish to get across to the reader. Then dig in and start writing the body of the blog.

Always proofread and spell check the piece before submitting it. It helps to write the blog and then walk away from it for a day or so. When you go back to reread it before submitting it, you do it with a fresh set of eyes. Never post a blog that is not something that you are proud to claim as your own work.


Looking Ahead

As a topic for a blog crosses your mind or streams across your computer screen, jot it down. Keep a running list of blog topics so when the mood hits you, you have a topic at hand and can start to write. Writing a few blogs ahead, especially if you are on a weekly schedule of posting, can take the last minute pressure off your creativity.

Think like a blogger. Keep a list of future topics on your laptop desktop and on your smartphone. You never know when a good blog topic idea will unexpectedly present itself.

Think about writing blogs in a series to keep the readers interested and returning to your site. If a series does not fit into your topic base, try to write about current issues. An example of this is to write about a variety of flu-related topics during flu season, if you are a medical blogger. A fashion blogger might write about a variety of designer’s new styles around Fashion Week. The possibilities are limitless.


Blog, Blog, Blog

Write a blog that is informative, perceives the writer’s personality and is well-written content with no grammatical errors. Make the readers want more and anxiously await the next installment of an enticing blog.


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