Building Links All On Your Lonesome – How To Get Links For Free

When we build a new website and start looking at ways to try and get people there, we will often start by trying to get links on other people’s sites. To this end we will then start e-mailing other webmasters with link exchange requests, posting on webmaster forums, writing guest posts and generally trying to find ways to get people to give us links.

This is all very good and well, and as long as your focus is on high quality links, this is a perfectly reasonable way to try and get people to go to your website and to get Google to notice you. However it’s also rather difficult and getting link exchange requests from good websites can sometimes be a thankless task as only the little websites tend to respond the way you want them too. The good sites that you would want your links on – well they are already successful and don’t really have much need for your links…

Before you start chasing down these elusive link partners then, it’s very much worth beginning by looking at the links that you can offer yourself and the links that you already have at your disposal. If you’ve been working online for a while then you probably already have some resources you can dip into and if you haven’t then then these are easy enough to build. Here we will look at some examples of resources you have at your disposal for link building.

Blogs and Sites: If you already have a blog then this is a great thing you can link to your website that will buy you some instant link juice. If you have one very successful site, then launching a new one is always going to be a lot easier because you can use your existing hit to promote the new one.

However if you aren’t lucky enough to already have a hit site then that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be a success – just start building yourself a blog that has some contextual links to your main site, or in fact build one or two. Fill these regularly with content and then just add one way links to your main site and over time the value of those links will grow. The benefit of doing this over swapping links with someone else’s site? You can make the link one-way which is much more valuable and you can place the link somewhere prominent where people are going to see it easily.

You Tube Create a Group

YouTube: Again you can either use an existing YouTube channel/video here or you can start making some. Either way this is a very effective way to get people to visit your page – did you know that YouTube links contributed to your PR? Well they do, and they’re also surprisingly easy to build a big following for – so make sure you are using them to link to your sites.

How To Add Social Media Sharing To Your WordPress Blog

Social Networking: Gradually search engines are starting to pay more and more attention to cues from social networking sites and using this to get a good idea of which websites are providing the most value to users. Even just from a marketing perspective however, posting your inks on your Facebook (and asking friends to share those links) and on any groups, is an important resource to make the most of.


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