4 Ways To Guarantee You Build A Product People Want To Buy

Sooner or later you will have to offer your own product on your blog. Using affiliate offers is amazing in the beginning because you don’t have to create anything. You can pick up any affiliate link you want and drop it into your website. But after a while you will want more. You have to step up to the plate and offer your own piece of wisdom to the world. There’s only so much money you can make as an affiliate. You end up with maybe 50% of the money. With your own product you get everything and you get to split-test the price to guarantee you’re making the most money possible.

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There’s also so much more to it than that. When you’ve been blogging for a while you’ll have made some good friends that will promote your product. You can also get random affiliates to promote your product while you sleep. It seems the obvious step for someone with big dreams. What will you write about? You need something that will blow people away otherwise you will make nothing. All your dreams will be over before they have a chance to begin. We can take a look at the places you can start digging so your product ends up being the best one in the market.

1# Listen to your audience

The first thing you do is carefully listen to whatever your audience says. When they email you it’s because you either haven’t explained something, or because you haven’t explained it well enough. Also keep an eye on the comments because you’ll find some gems in there. Ask your email list to send you more questions and ask them to fill out a survey. Extract any information you can for them and it’s pure gold. All of the stuff gathered here could almost fill two books on its own, plus you know the questions people want answered are things they will pay money for.

2# Read lots of forums

Your niche should have plenty of dedicated forums that cater to everyone interested in it. The Internet is huge now and forums pop up every day. When people are talking in forums they are anonymous and the things they speak about will make your eyes light up. People visit forums to ask questions and all these things are what they want answers to. Imagine if you put up a sales page telling people they would get all the answers for a small fee. If you’ve researched your niche properly and you know they spend money it should be easy to make a product that people want.

3# Investigate products

You won’t be the first person that’s wanted to bring out a product in your niche. Other people will have done it before you and there will be some that were successful. You need to get your hands on a few of these products and find out what’s in them. Take a look at all the great things about it, but also the bad things because this is what you want to avoid. You can take their good points and make them much stronger and easier to understand. Once the bad points have been taken away this is a powerful product by itself. Now think about all the stuff from before that you still need to add.

4# Connect with influential people

You could possibly think you know everything, but that might not be the case. There will always be people that know things you don’t and the only way to find them out is by speaking with them and picking their brain. If you want to get to the top of your field you need to speak with people who are already there. You don’t need to become their best friend, but being able to speak with them and ask their advice will go a long way. Hopefully they’ll be able to help you put the cherry on the cake and if you’re lucky they might even promote your product.

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