6 Tips To Transform Your Website Into A Converting Machine

If there’s one kind of metrics that modern digital marketers love to share in public, it’s their conversion rate. The easiest way to understand what it means, if you’re not familiar with the lingo of conversion, is that ratio of people who perform a valuable action — whether it’s signing up for your newsletter or buying a product — compared to the total amount of visitors on the website or the page. The higher the conversion rate, the better performing the page is. In the marketing industry, you can even find conversion rate averages per industry sector and region, so that you can find out how your website is doing compared to similar companies. The main problem, though, with this approach is that it only gives you an average figure as a goal, which is not much, to say the least. A better approach would be to analyze your web conversions to find areas of improvements. There are indeed six ways to boost your online conversions.

#1. Leave it to the experts

Small and medium-sized companies don’t always have the luxury of a marketing team. While you may be doing okay by yourself, it’s never enough to pierce through the competitive market cloud. If you’re in a position where you can grow your team, you may want to consider recruiting talented digital marketers to help you maximize your digital presence. However, if you’re the owner of a small business, choosing effective MSP marketing services is a better solution to improve your conversions. A fully managed MSP solution coordinates marketing service providers to enhance your digital presence. This is also a nice touch to boost your existing marketing team and free up time to focus on other marketing activities.

#2. Do your SEO homework in depth

Septh SEO

Despite not being new anymore, Search Engine Optimization continues to confuse small businesses. The best approach that you could take to improve your ranking in search engine results is to put yourself in the mind of your potential customers. They will be looking at different ways to find a solution to their problems. Therefore you need to ensure that your company is visible where users will be looking for it. Start with keyword phrases that are relevant to your offering. You can add more links to your website; using business directories and social media content. Encouraging your customers to leave a review will also help users to find you on the main review platforms.

#3. Do you have your users’ interests at heart?

There’s no secret: If your website is not user-friendly, you’ll be struggling to get any conversion at all. You need to build your pages with your users in mind. For a start, according to Google 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site. This means that you can’t postpone the move to a responsive design any longer. Additionally, users don’t like to waste time. If your page takes more than two seconds to load, you can wave goodbye to your conversion rate.

Make Content Like Water

#4. How’s your brand perception?

You might not think about it, but the way people perceive your brand will impact on your conversion ability. Branding success is a touchy topic and a difficult one to measure. But using online metrics, you can track branded clicks and search queries as a way to monitor your brand profile. Make sure as well to keep an eye on social media platform to see what others say about you.

#5. Is it bad timing?

Every website runs offers from time to time. The question is not whether your offers are appealing, but whether they are well timed. In the UK, for example, Ryanair, a famous charter airline is struggling with its current flight schedule. Due to a mix up with pilots’ holidays, they’ve had to cancel thousands of flights and are currently facing legal actions for misleading their passengers. At the same time, they are launching a TV and digital campaign to promote their cheap flights. Needless to say that there couldn’t have been a worst timing for their marketing campaign.

Plane After Takeoff

#6. Simplify the conversion process

Let’s get things clear: People are lazy. They don’t want to engage in complicated or time-demanding activities when they visit a website. In other words, if your conversion form has too many fields to fill, it might be putting people off. When on Amazon people can click to buy; you need to make your process just as straightforward to compete.

Don’t let your digital errors stand in the way of your conversions. From improved SEO results to user-friendly web pages, your attention to details can make a real difference.

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