5 Ways to Make Blogs Increase Your Revenue

Everyone has heard of “blogging” by now. But how do you get it to increase your profits? There are a number of ways to do it. Blogging actually started years ago when a few people started keeping a personal journal online. Admittedly, I would never want to keep my personal thoughts and dreams online this way. But a lot of people did. And as a result, something magical happened! People came to read it! They came in droves! And not only that-they kept coming back! And that’s when business people started to take notice, and the use of blogging in business was born.

Blogging has immense marketing potential today. If you write it, they WILL come, if you write engaging material, rich with pictures and videos, and offer something useful to your readers. Many blogs start small but gain momentum over time. So don’t expect to see results right away. Still, if you stick to it, and write a few posts a week, it will begin to increase your earnings potential in whatever venture you may be involved in.

increase your revenue

To increase your revenue using blogs, do the following things:

1) Provide original ideas, filled with rich content, using keywords selectively. Don’t just fill it with nonsense and put in keywords. Google frowns on this, and customers will see through it too. Be honest and sincere and deliver information customers are likely to need or use. Think to yourself: “What would I want to know if I were seeking information on this topic?” Blogs that can provide this are richly rewarded with visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. With time, you can build an audience and this will increase your ranking in Google and result in even more traffic.

2) Use Google AdSense ads within the blog posts with relevant ads that promote targeted visitors who will click the ads and have an interest in the offers. Remember, these are partner ads, not your own, so you are only making money when they click. But if they click often, it can add up. There are people making $300 per day using this method alone.

3) Use videos within the blog posts from You Tube that you create to promote your brand, products, or partner offers. Use descriptions in the You Tube boxes when placing the videos on You Tube, which reflect similar key words you have used in your blog. This is how you create an association on the web and in the searches with your brand or message and keep people coming back. It also instantly creates awareness of your brand and blog in Google. This is called “organic SEO,” (search engine optimization) and it is the best type of traffic to generate and it is free.

4) Use affiliate marketing links for larger profit margins. Find partner/affiliate offers in Clickbank or other affiliate marketing sites that offer commissions on sales and place these within your blog. Here’s the key though: Don’t just stick various ads within your blog. Find ones that directly relate to your own content. For example, if you are a car salesman, your blog will be about car sales. Don’t put an ad about home audio in. Instead, find one on getting mechanical checkups or an add for Triple A auto services. These relate directly to cars and car issues, and will be more likely to result in targeted traffic.

5) Do “sponsored blogging” or guest posting. This is perhaps the most lucrative form of revenue potential using blogs. If you can gain a large following in your own blog, and show this to sponsors or sponsored blogging sites, you can charge anywhere from $50 to $500 per post for your blog posts! Or, invite others to post an ad on your blog and charge anything you want to! This can run into some very serious earning very quickly and even more over time, so this is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Nothing great happens overnight. But, little by little, you build an empire on the web by every little step. Think of building your success on the web in layers, or pieces of a puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle gains momentum for your blog to catapult it into fame and the awareness of viewers and potential customers. The use of good videos, pictures, and engaging content, coupled with an integrated plan to incorporate affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and partner relationships via your blog, will result in success over time.

Remember also that when choosing a blogging platform, Google owns “blogger.com,” so this might be a good place to start! Just making a post in blogger.com increased your views overnight. So find a topic and start writing. And for goodness sakes, don’t forget to link your blog back to your website and social media! Remember, it’s not called “the web” for nothing!
Happy blogging!


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