4 Best Email Marketing Tools That You Must Know About

If you want to make your full time career in Internet Marketing, then you must have knowledge about Email Marketing. Email Marketing is one of the parts of Internet Marketing, among Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Email Marketing tools
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When you visit any website for the sake of helpful information then you usually get a form that asks to enter your Email address, if you want latest updates directly to your email, and after providing your email address you get automated mail to your inbox that asks to confirm that you are real person who subscribes for updates. After few days or few weeks, you continuously get emails from owner of that particular site regarding promotions, offers and sometimes information that you really need. Have you ever imagined; why those people ask to enter email address even you can get information whenever required from Internet?

My dear friend, that’s called Email Marketing. It is genuine way to capture email address of any person and forcing them to follow your email by continuous email notification into inbox.
If you want to become serious Internet Marketer then you must adopt Email Marketing and it is most impactful way to promote your stuff among authentic community. Email Marketing helps you to become successful Internet Marketer, through Email Marketing you can successfully run your Affiliate Marketing campaign, Content Marketing campaign and any other marketing campaign that you want to make successful.

“Everything is fair in Business, Love and War.”

Hope, you got little glimpse on Email Marketing through above discussion. If you are going for war then you can’t kill your enemy without tools like Gun, Tank, Bomb, etc. If you love someone then you can’t continue your relation, until you make your partner happy, feeling sharing and all. Similar to that, if you want to make your Email Marketing campaign successful then you must need Email Marketing tools. If you don’t have any idea about tools for successful Email Marketing, don’t bother. This content might help you to select your favorite Email Marketing tool among four best which is listed here.

Email Marketing Tools

4 Best Email Marketing Tools

#1 MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular and reliable Email Marketing tool that lets you manage your marketing campaign with superb design, hilarious mascot and well optimized dashboard. You can easily add, delete and customize your web applications from MailChimp dashboard.
MailChimp offers many free templates, if you don’t have knowledge about HTML codes. But if you know HTML codes then you can easily customize your templates as per your wish.
MailChimp offers Android and iPhone applications; even you can integrate various third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Amazon, etc. MailChimp offers free plans so it is the most intoxicated thing, which is more appealing to take demo with your Email Marketing strategy.

#2 AWeber

AWeber is another top class Email Marketing tool that helps you to manage your Email Marketing campaign effectively. AWeber have really unique idea for Email Marketing. If you’ve spiritual feeling about Email Marketing then I’ll suggest you to must use AWeber, at least once. AWeber also have WordPress plugin to display your desired form on blogs.

AWeber also offer third-party apps integration, which is quite innovative. You can send sequential auto-responses, and I think MailChimp does not offer such kind of services. AWeber is premium Email Marketing tool that you can pay on the monthly basis. AWeber charges as per number of subscribers you have. In first month, they charge $1. Email parsers, is the unique feature of AWeber Email marketing services.

#3 iContact

iContact is Easy and Straightforward email marketing tool. It is best email marketing tool for novice user as well as expert. iContact offers MessageBuilder toolbar to create your email campaign easily. If you love coding then you can easily create your HTML custom template under MessageCoder toolbar.
You can easily publish your things on social media site like Facebook and Twitter as it also offers third-party applications integration. If you don’t have any idea to use iContact services then they offer quick email marketing guides, webinars, and video tutorials. iContact offers 30 days trial and further you can continue with their premium account that depends on number of subscribers you have.

#4 Constant Contact

Constant Contact is very old email marketing tool provider. They are providing their services from 1998, prior to social media age. Constant Contact offer more than 450 email templates, email marketing coaching and social media integration. Constant Contact offer 60 days trial then you can sign up for premium account.

Over To you:

In this post I’ve shared 4 email marketing tools. Now  tell me which email marketing tool you’re using? I’d love to hear from you  so please feel free to leave comments below.

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