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Where Should I Host My Blog?

Blogging is a brilliant way to make money and have a bit of fun at the same time. For some people, it is just a side job, but if you do it right, you can make your living from blogging. It’s not as easy as just posting a few articles and waiting for the money

5 Tips to Speed up a WordPress Blog

WordPress is an incredibly convenient and feature-rich blogging and content management software. It’s possible to set up any type of site you want using it, from a casual blog to a sophisticated online store. One obstacle that some users run into, however, is that their WordPress sites don’t run as fast as they’d like. This

Top 20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

How long has it been since you redesigned your website? Hopefully, not too long: keeping your web page up-to-date is worth the investment. Plus, these days the investment doesn’t have to be that big. If yours is a Word Press-powered website, you will only need a couple of days and several dozens of dollars to

WordPress is Awesome And Here is Why

WordPress is an insanely popular site and it owes part of its popularity due to many factors. The first factor could be that it is entirely and utterly free and there is no beating that. The fact that it is free means that millions of people now have a platform to express their feelings, their

Top Benefits to Make Website with WordPress

Nowadays, every business owner wants to establish his company on the internet, so that people from different states or countries can also find it on the search engine, and enjoy the services or products it offers. However, to offer products and services online, one needs to design and develop a website, which could be a

Five WordPress Tricks You Need to Learn

WordPress is making its way into being the most popular blog platform used today. Its simple design with easy to use features makes it a great platform for newbie and advanced bloggers alike. Depending on the type of WordPress platform you use (the free vs. the paid for), you can do so many cool functions

Backlinks and Search Engines Optimization

If you’re new to SEO, take into account utilizing a pre-made template for a blogging program like WordPress. These templates add professionalism to your website, which, with excellent content, can attract human-created backlinks. WordPress in certain also has plug-ins that do beneficial SEO-related points like auto-generate a sitemap for your internet site on demand. Beginning