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Why Girl Bosses Are On The Rise In 2017

It would seem that 2017 is the year of the girl boss. Indeed, even since 2013 over half of the increase in self employment was due to women starting their own businesses. There’s a lot for a girl to sink her teeth into nowadays, and entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of this fact. But what

Everything New Managers Need To Know

Becoming a manager for the very first time can be a very scary step in your career. Even if you have been at the company for a while and are being promoted to a managerial position, having all the extra responsibilities and now being in charge of some of your former coworkers can bring about

Business Relocation To Spain

Moving A Company Abroad Has Never Been Easier Only a few years ago, the thought of relocating a company from one country to another would have seemed like the stuff of fantasy, but these days there is a growth in the popularity of doing just that. There have been several instances in recent times of

Relocating Offices? Layout Is Everything

Any company that relocates to a new office building has to take great care when planning the layout of the new workplace. One might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a case of spreading out some desks and chairs and letting the employees decide where they want to sit, but there should be far more

Lotus Development Corporation

Lotus Development Corporation was also known as Lotus Software in its days of operations prior to a takeover by IBM. It is based out of Massachusetts in the United States. The company was a joint endeavor of Mitch Kapor and Jonathan Sachs and was established in the year 1982. Their collaboration is well known in