SEO Checklist For 2013 – Complete Guide [Infographic]

We all know the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and if we optimize our blog and posts for SEO we’ll get lot of  traffic from search engines for free. Referral traffic is good but search traffic is very targeted and we can make huge money from targeted traffic.

In order to optimize blog and posts we need to learn the SEO skills, like what SEO is, how SEO works and how to optimize our blog and posts for SEO. Knowing what is allowed and what’s not can sometimes be confusing and cause us all extra work. But don’t worry this post will help you to understand the recent Google updates and new trends about the SEO. Check the SEO Audit Checklist Here.


SEO Checklist For 2013

Search Engine Optimization has changed over the last few years. For those who are looking for a little advice on their compaign, here a look at what to avoid, what you need to know and what tactics you should be implementing during 2013. Check out given below SEO Checklist for 2013.

SEO checklist for 2013

Infographic – source


I’ve shared this awesome SEO checklist for 2013 infographic, I hope you’ll like it.  What do you think about the SEO in 2013?  Please share your experience with me in comments below.

Bashir Ahmed

My name is +Bashir Ahmed! I am a full time Blogger and I love blogging. I like to share blogging tips, Technology news, social media marketing. If you want to write a guest post for my blog click here. Check my Free WordPress Blog Installation Service Here!!

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23 Responses

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Bashir,

    Wow! Big league infographic here. I like the emphasis on creating good content and natural links. You cannot game Google; too many smart folks working over there…..but you can help people, make connections and work your way up to page 1 by maintaining a disciplined approach.



    • Bashir Ahmed says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes indeed an awesome infographic I got to share with my blog readers and friends. All we know that Content is king and backlinks are queen. Create quality and useful content then build natural backlinks, all will be ok no harm from Google. Helping peoples and interacting with them can build the trust and its must thing we need to do.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

  2. Krishna says:

    Very informative Bashir Sir. Great share.

  3. Hi Bashir,

    Awesome indeed! I think this infographic said it all – leaving us with nothing more to say. I liked the way it’s been made by whosoever, as it clearly states the how and why’s of SEO for this year.

    Oh yes..the animal updates keep happening so often that one really gets tired of reading about them, and I see so many people sit uptight about what or when is the next update. I wish things were easier for those people, which can be provided they just follow the natural and right ways of SEO and putting up their posts. Google is smart and will find out your ways sooner or later, so why try any other way other than the right one :)

    I liked the ‘zebra’ addition to the penguin and panda ones! I enjoyed the basic checklist too at the end, and am glad that all seems clear for me so far :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend ahead :)

    • Bashir Ahmed says:

      Hi Harleena,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the infographic, yes this infigraphic said it all and we have nothing to say more, still we need to discuss SEO how and what we expect in the next Google animal updates.

      So far this penguin 2.0 update was just minor update but the Zebra update will be very strict. So I’m with you and I do agree with the point, do the thing in right way to get up rank of your blog posts.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment! :)

  4. Yogesh says:

    Awesome infographic with useful information. Thanks buddy for sharing it will help in creating seo strategey for this year.

  5. Jennifer Cunningham says:

    You have covered it all. I like the way the infographic covers what we should be doing. Building natural links, mentions, shares, google + and more. The previous ways are not effective anymore and we have toget on with writing content for the reader with a few keywords but surely relative to the article. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Bashir Ahmed says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Writing quality and useful content is most important part of SEO. Other than that we should add some keywords to targetd the search traffic. Yes but keep in mind that don’t stuffing the keywords too much in your article and always add the relevant keywords and links in your post that will help you rank better.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  6. FC says:

    Interesting to see where things are heading, very much social networks. Not sure if I am a big fan of this. Nut at least good and unique content is still king.

  7. Loved this! It’s good to be reminded of what to focus on. A lot of the time, I find that I have to sift through a ton of useless info to get to the good stuff. This gets right to the point and doesn’t leave you asking questions. Seriously, very cool and I’m bookmarking it for future reference as I work on SEO on client/personal sites. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Martin says:

    that’s rignt . i always ask myself what is next? What else we have to achieve to become successful)) Zebra is possible!

    • Bashir Ahmed says:

      Hi Martin,

      Panda update was very big and this penguin update is mirror update. But I heard Zebra update will be coming up next with other strict things. Hope quality blogs remain same position on Google Search.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Himanshu says:

    Really Impressive Infographic Bashir, love the color you used, it’s eye pleasing. The best part is technical seo as you have hardly left anything.
    Keep sharing the great content.

  10. Ken Glick says:

    In general, I’ve always hated infographics as I’ve always found it easier to digest information that’s formatted using and bulleted text. However, I can honestly say that this was the first infographic I could easily follow.

  11. Kristine says:

    Wow! This is so cool! A checklist for 2013 infographics is exactly what I was hoping to find. Nice one! :)

  12. Stacey says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful post. Looking forward for your future posts as they were very informative. Thank you again.

  13. Rani says:

    very nice article and thanks for giving us updated information. i was really worried about updating Google page rank because i didn’t know these described facts

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