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15 Project Management Quotes to Live By (Infographic)

Inspiration comes from many ways: stories from your seniors or elders, pictures of great feats of accomplishment, emotional videos, and quotes from leaders of today and years past. Our preferred source is quotations. We save Word documents full of our favorites, bookmark quote sites after scrolling through them for hours, print them out for our

How Confusing It Can Be To Do Your Taxes Nowadays

Nowadays, the tax code is over 80,000 pages and to say it’s confusing is an understatement. Within those pages you can take advantage of many credits, write-offs and programs. But in order to take advantage of maximizing your deductions, and keeping as much of your well-earned money as possible you need the right software. After

A Simple Guide On Mobility Car Allowance

Despite the Motability scheme being introduced as early as 1978 in the UK, many people are still unaware that this taxpayer-funded programme exists, and some people with disabilities across the country may be eligible for support in terms of transportation without even realising it. What most of us do know is that the government-issued mobility

2014 RBS Six Nations Championship – Infographic

This infographic has been made to introduce the history of the RBS six Nations to date with some fascinating national statistics and facts for each of the six nations. The particular 12-monthly rugby competition is played out simply by Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Italia, Scotland as well as Wales. Succeeding this A few Places World-class,

Jelly App – Answer To The Questions

The apps available nowadays have made the daily life works just as simple as tapping a button. The one can get every kind of the information from world to local news, sports to current affairs, medication to beauty tips and much more. These apps are very good for both learning and entertainment purpose. Today’s Google