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Keeping Your Blog Secure in 2018

Every business needs to protect itself from threats such as theft, fraud and supplier failure – yet in the blogging sphere, a lot of people have a tendency to treat their blog more as a hobby than as a business; which is fine – if it’s a hobby you are running, but if you’re running

5 Pro-eCommerce Tips for Pro-Bloggers

If you’re a blogger looking to learn more about eCommerce, the good news is that through your blogging you’ll have already developed many of the skills which are required to be successful with eCommerce. Whether it’s social media, copywriting, or audience research — you have to use the same strategies you used as a blogger

Where Should I Host My Blog?

Blogging is a brilliant way to make money and have a bit of fun at the same time. For some people, it is just a side job, but if you do it right, you can make your living from blogging. It’s not as easy as just posting a few articles and waiting for the money