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I watched my blog basically sit and attract no one for months. I was gaining new members here and there, but not at the level that I expected. I was updating my site with fresh content everyday, and to see one person per month sign up was depressing. I started to read different techniques from some experienced bloggers by searching google, and from groups on linked in. I have read the importance of guest blogging a few times, but never really tried it. Since I had tried all other forms of pulling traffic such as the normal things like face-book, twitter, and linkedin, which worked alright, but far from what I needed, I decided to give it a shot.

I begin to solicit people to guest post on my blog, and surprisingly, I seen a boost in traffic, and eventually a few new members. So I thought to myself, “hey, if this worked with just a few people guest blogging, imagine how it would be with a crew of people”. So I begin to recruit more and more people, which lead me to having more people sign up in one day, that had signed up in a whole month. I did not stop there, I begin to think that if I could get traffic by just having people blog on my site, what will happen if I were to incorporate other things. You see, there are quite a things that you can do by teaming up with others with the same goals as you.

I visited other successful blogs and noticed that they were doing give-aways. So I thought to myself, I said “Self, you don’t have anything to give away, but some of your blog partners do”. I had plenty of blogger friends that were authors with published books and other products that they were promoting. It would be beneficial to them to give away a few books, and it benefited me because I needed the product to give away. I didn’t stop there, no I didn’t stop, the ideas kept on coming. If you have authors and bloggers as friends, why not interview them. I mean think about it, if you were to interview a person with a product, don’t you think that they would want there fans to read the interview?

Do you see where I’m going with this? First of all, the author or what have you will be honored that you even considered them for an interview. Second of all, they will promote it to the fullest, which in return promotes your blog. Third of all, you will also be promoting it. Let’s not forget about all of the retweets that will be accumulated from their fans and followers. It does not stop with bloggers, this can be done with anyone with a service or product to offer. A friend of mines runs a website dedicated to models looking for work. Have you ever thought about having a beautiful model wear a t shirt with your company logo on it. How about letting them make a short video describing you blog. I’m sure that she could use the exposure.

Blogging is about being creative, you do not have to be stuck with the normal mode of operations. People coming together to help one another, and exchanging services is a quick way to gain traffic. Everything is not about paying money, but simply using what is already around you. What can you offer someone else, well if you have a blog, which means an outlet, someone with a talent will gladly lend their services for the free publicity. You guys remember my-space right, yeah I forgot about those guys, but I use to be a my-space junkie. Think about all of the musicians that signed up to promote themselves, this can be your site.  The last point I want to make is this…All of those people that you are helping to promote their products will more than likely become fans of your site. So go and be creative, and build some relationships.

Happy Blogging!

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