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Kataurus "King" Braswell is an blogger, internet marketer, and music producer from Macon, Ga. He loves to write about anything, but loves to write about blogging. Check out some of his work at www.kingbraswell.com. He is also the founder of www.blackconvo.com, a site dedicated to African American Culture.

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7 Responses

  1. Rosey says:

    Very nice article written by Kataurus “King” Braswell,
    to promote the work, connect to one another need to be more active and creative as well,
    and it’s creativity to find out the “new ways” to share content through a highly developed network of other professionals.
    100% agreed, “Media Marketing” is a key of success.
    thanks for giving us right way through this article.

  2. kingbraswell says:

    Thanks Rosey!

  3. John Ernest says:

    Collaborating is a great way to make your name known. It is important that you be able to make a name for yourself among the other bloggers. By doing that, other bloggers will be allow you to have links in their blogs through guest posts.

  4. Bashir Ahmed says:

    Hi Kingsbrawell!

    Thank you so much for contribute your post on my blog. :)

  5. kingbraswell says:

    No Problem Ahmed!

  6. Andreea Leau says:

    Guest blogging and collaborating with others is a great idea and a very best way to make your business alive. In this way, your business will be know from many and many people from all over thw world, which is important for your business succes.

  7. King Braswell ( says:

    How often do you try to Andreea?

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